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This message is to encourage participation in the upcoming URSI General Assembly planned for 13-20 August in Istanbul, Turkey, and specifically to solicit papers for Special Session HG3 on Active Experiments in the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere. A detailed description of the session follows. More information on the conference can be found at Thank you.

HG3 – Active Experiments in the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere I

Thursday, August 18, 0800 – 0920; 0940 – 1200 (11 papers)

Conveners: Bo Thide

Keith Groves

Controlled, active experiments have proven useful both for studies of the natural upper

atmosphere and magnetosphere through observations of the ionospheric response to HF induced

perturbations, for basic physics investigations exploiting the ionosphere as a large, natural plasma

laboratory-without-walls and for understanding fundamental wave propagation and wave-particle

interactions in the magnetosphere. This experimental diversity has attracted the attention and

participation of physicists from a wide range of disciplines. As a result, research exploiting active

experiments continues to be strongly motivated by its many applications in the fields of aeronomy,

space physics, plasma physics, and telecommunications science. This session solicits papers

addressing the nonlinear nature of HF radio wave-plasma interactions, their dependence on

specific radio wave properties, such as frequency, power, polarization and orientation with

respect to the geomagnetic field, and the physical processes responsible for their occurrence.

Presentations dealing with other active techniques, such as in situ radio frequency transmissions

and chemical releases, including rocket motor exhaust effects, are also welcome.

Keith M. Groves

AFRL/RVBX cell: 1-617-549-7067

29 Randolph Road voice: 1-781-377-3137

Hanscom AFB, MA 01731 fax: 1-781-377-3550

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