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Passive Optical Community Documents

The Passive Optical Community is working on a Self-Assesment for the National Science Foundation. An 18 page presentation on this approximately 100-page review was presented 8 Nov 2004 to the CEDAR Science Steering Committee by John Meriwether. This overview is now available on-line. As part of the self-assessment, there are .pdf files of mini-reviews, 'nuggets', and talks from their Passive Optical Workshop (POW) at NCAR in Boulder April 8-9, 2004. A list of optical references is also included here.





Related Talks

  • John Meriwether of Clemson on his talk at the DASI Workshop summer 2004, 'DASI Optical Instruments: Imagers, FPIs, and Spectrographs'

POW Reports

Reports from the Passive Optical Workshop (at NCAR, Boulder 8-9 April 2004)

  • John Meriwether on Passive optics: Quo Vadis?
  • Jeff Baumgardner on CCD detectors and their applications in optical aeronomy
  • Joshua Semeter on Discrete auroral imaging: Instrumentation and techniques
  • Farzad Kamalabadi on New advances in tomographic experiments
  • Jonathan Makela on F-region applications of all-sky imagers
  • Eric Donovan on Report on the Canadian all-sky imaging network
  • Mamoru Ishii on Passive optics activities in Japan
  • Edwin Mierkiewicz on Possible aeronomy applications of the SSH technology
  • Mark Conde on Passive optical aeronomy during daylight
  • Fred Biondi on Absolute doppler calibration of FPI instrumentation
  • Lyle Broadfoot on Experimental design for a new airglow/auroral instrument (partial talk from damaged .ppt)
  • Raymond Roble on TIME-GCM simulations of airglow, doppler temperature and doppler winds as observed from ground stations
  • Gary Swenson on Momentum flux of gravigy waves in the mesosphere from correlative observations
  • Jeff Baumgardner on HiTIES: High Throughput Imaging Echelle Spectrograph
  • Peter Fox on CEDAR Data Service
  • John Meriwether on Past achievements for Arequipa FPI
  • Edwin Mierkiewicz on The application of the FPI for Balmer alpha studies
  • Rich Niciejewski on Aeronomy at Michigan
  • Susan Nossal on Wisconsin H alpha mapper Fabry-Perot aeronomy program
  • Qian Wu on New NCAR Fabry-Perot Interferometer at Resolute Bay