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CEDAR Data Base Summary Plots

NOTE: All 'Data' links fail, but the .gif images are fine.


  • This study made use of the CEDAR Database at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, which is supported by the National Science Foundation.

Click on the location name on the map for public summary plots or other information. Follow the Rules of the Road in any data use and submit an access form to create an account, if you don't already have one, before your first data use.

The default Summary Plot data is in TAB ascii format which can be read by:

Get also the INFO format that describes the data and the parameters by replacing 'TAB' in the URL with 'INFO'. An alternate ascii format is FLAT, where all the data in the prologue (time information) and the JPAR 1-dimensional (1-D) arrays are repeated with data from the MPAR 2-dimensional (2-D) arrays in MROWS lines. Codes to read this data will be forthcoming. The JPAR and MPAR variables in the 1-D and 2-D arrays are defined as integer codes and mneumonics in the 'INFO' format and also in Documents/ Parameter Codes.

Instruments:southpoleInstruments:pcvInstruments:ahfInstruments:sbfInstruments:halleyInstruments:sanInstruments:syowaInstruments:mafInstruments:Davis AntarcticaInstruments:Mesosphere-Lower Thermosphere RadarsInstruments:kgfInstruments:mjfInstruments:ccfInstruments:adfInstruments:Mesosphere-Lower Thermosphere RadarsInstruments:aqfInstruments:JicamarcaInstruments:Mesosphere-Lower Thermosphere RadarsInstruments:ciaInstruments:tirInstruments:AreciboInstruments:hawaiiInstruments:dbmInstruments:Mesosphere-Lower Thermosphere RadarsInstruments:plattevilleInstruments:fpfInstruments:khaInstruments:atmInstruments:Fort CollinsInstruments:yamInstruments:muiInstruments:wakInstruments:urbanaInstruments:uslInstruments:millstoneInstruments:dumInstruments:pfpInstruments:aafInstruments:stsInstruments:kkvInstruments:aopInstruments:cofInstruments:wupInstruments:khfInstruments:Mesosphere-Lower Thermosphere RadarsInstruments:istInstruments:saskatoonInstruments:gbfInstruments:stmInstruments:fhfInstruments:Mesosphere-Lower Thermosphere RadarsInstruments:eisInstruments:trfInstruments:esrInstruments:ehfInstruments:whfInstruments:wfpInstruments:chtInstruments:cfpInstruments:Poker Flat HoldingsInstruments:y4pInstruments:ikfInstruments:Sondrestrom FacilityInstruments:Resolute BayInstruments:qadInstruments:tfpInstruments:eurekapicture of global map of CEDAR DB instruments

--Revised 12 Mar 2007 by Barbara Emery