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Last Revised 10/11/2011 by Barbara Emery

The following is a list of publications that have acknowledged the CEDAR Database. The list may be incomplete. Any corrections are welcome. Under-reporting is estimated to be about a factor of 4 as a conservative estimate.

  • Graphical plot of publications acknowledging the CEDAR DB, with NCAR first authors also shown. .pdf

Statistics in Jan 2011: 626 DB users from 1985-2010, where 98 got information only. 147 in 120 publications in Jan 2011 have a login. 63 of 78 first authors have logins, where 6 more first authors should have had logins. 147/528=28% of those with data, models, or indices have reported publications acknowledging the CEDAR DB, which implies under-reporting by about a factor of 4. (Added 26 from 481 of using NCAR CEDAR Data Base and 10 from NSF CEDAR Database. CM Huang refers in 2007, 2008 to GSWM-00 from CDB, but have GSWM-95.)

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