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CEDARWEB Documents

Contributions to the database are encouraged, especially when data are of broad interest to the CEDAR community.

The CEDAR format provides for customized data records, inclusion of data taking and data reduction text summaries and we expect to help organizing such items as

  • definition of record layout(s)
  • definition of suitable parameters
  • data reduction algorithm description with literature references
  • experiment (data taking) summaries
  • measurements in coordinated universal time.
  • coordination of delivery

We can set up and run the the format translation but we prefer that the provider do this because they best recognize problems revealed in the process. Data transfers are often via anonymous ftp but we also use common storage media.

When adding to the archive, we inspect new data for

  • format compliance
  • gross checks of reasonable data values
  • chronological order
  • generate time series summary plots

After the data are made accessable, we require data users to offer acknowledgment and encourage them to discuss appropriate use with you. We also track and report data use.