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Christchurch MF Radar


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These are the analyzed data on the neutral winds in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere during or including the LTCS-1 period, 21-25 September 1987. This condensed format is consistent with the analyzed data from other sites as well, and is prepared in order to facilitate research work. However, users need to inform the data suppliers that they are using the data in case of updates or changes, and to insure that the data are being used and interpreted properly.

The Christchurch MF radar (43.83 S, 172.68 E) in New Zealand is operated by the Physics Department of the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. It uses the partial-reflection, spaced antenna method (Fraser, 1984) and has contributed to mean wind and tidal studies (Fraser, 1968; Fraser 1989; Fraser et al 1989; Manson et al., 1989, 1990, 1991). The mean solar local time (SLT) is about 11 hours and 31 minutes ahead of Universal Time (UT) (i.e., 172.68 E / 15 deg/hr = 11.51 hours = 11 hrs 31 min). The phases are in SLT.


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