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The EISCAT (European Incoherent SCATter) facility in Scandinavia consists of a transimitter/receiver station at Tromso, Norway (69.6N, 19.2E), and receiver stations at Kiruna, Sweden (67.9N, 20.4E) and Sodankyla, Finland (67.4N, 26.6E). The facility has been in operation since 1981, and recently expanded to include a facility at Svalbard, which will have its own web page when data are included in the CEDAR Data Base.

There are several common programs used for the World Days, which are a part of the CEDAR Data Base. There are many other experimental times which should be accessed with the aid of an EISCAT colleague.

The power profiles are calibrated with an on-site ionosonde, and are then corrected for Te and Ti effects which are deduced from the auto-correlation functions (ACFs). The collision frequency model used is the CIRA 1972 model atmosphere in Banks and Kockarts (1973), in Aeronmy Part A. The NO+ composition is assumed zero above 300 km. Perpendicular and parallel ion velocities were calculated routinely beginning in March, 1990.

There are 4 areas in the summary plots for image plots as a function of height and time of the electron density, electron temperature, ion temperature, and either the line-of-sight velocity, or line plots of the perpendicular and parallel ion velocities closest to 300 km. The image plots are binned in 45 minutes and 40 km, except for the uncorrected electron densities, which are binned at 10 km. The data are averaged above 60 degrees of elevation. There are 2 days per page. Summary plots of the EISCAT are also available for these and other days at


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