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Kp, Ap, 10.7 cm flux etc

The CEDAR Database contains the 3-h Kp and ap indices, daily Ap, sunspot numbers and 10.7 cm solar flux values, and 81 day average 10.7 cm solar flux averages from 1 January 1960 to within about 6 months of the present. These can be obtained via the VSTO Data Portal:

  • Click on the Data tab at the top
  • Select 'Start by Instrument'
  • Filter by Physical Domain select CEDAR
  • Click the check-box next to 'Show Instrument Code' and click 'Reload'
  • Check the radio button next to 210 - Geophysical indices from NGDC: Lenhart [Magnetometer] and click 'Next'
  • Continue with your selections

The 81 day average 10.7 cm solar flux is calculated, but our source for the other indices is the World Data Center in Boulder where one can get:

-Revised 10 Nov 2006 by Barbara Emery