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Mawson MF Radar


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Instrument/Model description

These are tidal analysis of the mean neutral winds between 78 and 108 km over consecutive periods of 12 days between June 1984 and November 1990 from the MF radar located at Mawson, Antarctica (67.62 S, 62.89 E). The radar employs the "spaced antenna" method. The tidal analysis is a least squares fit at each altitude for the mean, diurnal and semi-diurnal components. The error is the standard deviation. Observations are made relative to mean solar time (SLT), which is about 4 hours and 12 minutes ahead of UT. (69.89 / 15 deg/hr = 4.19 hrs = 4 hrs 12 min). The diurnal and semi-diurnal tidal components are available for this data set, and can be obtained from R. Vincent. They will be submitted to the CEDAR Data Base in the future. Plots of the mean winds are available in Vincent (1993).

The integration time for these data is 12 days, which means that there is an overlap of days at the end of each year, and sometimes also just before the year's end. Echoes on the 12 days were binned into 24 1-hour bins of SLT. If only 15 hours or less of the full 24 hours were filled, then the tidal analysis was not performed. With 16-24 hours available, a least squares fit was made, where the values were weighted by the number of points and variance in each SLT bin. One should be wary of the results of analyses that are based on less than 20 hours of an SLT day.


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Summary Plots for Mawson MF Radar Mean Wind Components

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