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Lidar Sites for TIMED

Sodium Lidars

C.-Y. She of Colorado State University is responsible for the analysis of the CEDAR/TIMED sodium lidar located at Fort Collins, Colorado (40.59N, 105.14W, 49.5mlat). The lidar has been reconfigured to use multiple wavelengths in order to get sodium density, temperature, and wind speed. Two telescopes will be used to point 60 degrees above the horizon towards geographic north and east to determine the meridional and zonal neutral winds winds assuming no vertical wind. Hourly values will be given for every clear night data is taken between about 75 and 115 km.

The University of Illinois lidar in Maui, Hawaii and the Sonde sodium lidar in Greenland are also willing to share their data.

Site Lat Lon Type Kinst Contact

Maui, HI, USA

20.75 -156.24 LID* 6300 C. Gardner

Fort Collins, CO, USA

40.59 -105.14 LID 6320 C.-Y. She
Sondre Stromfjord, Greenland 67.0 -51.0 LID* 6440 J. Thayer

Rayleigh Lidars

Rayleign lidars get the neutral density and temperature etween about 45-95 km at night. The following Rayleigh lidars have expressed an interest in TIMED/CEDAR.

Site Lat Lon Type Kinst Contact
Davis, Antarctica -68. 78. RLD* 6025 A. Klekociuk

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