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The Cedar library was originally written back in the early 2000's to be able to read Cedar cbf (Cray Block Format) data files by then Software Engineer Jose Garcia. In 2006 the library was added to the UCAR subversion repository and picked up by more developers who continue to maintain the library today. The code has been refactored, cleaned up, documented, and put into an official release cycle (development, test, demo, production).

The program cedardump is a part of the library. This program allows one to look at the file with a quick look, and using the -k option, can see what kinst/kindat/jpar/mpar groupings exist within a certain file

To develop against this library, such as OPeNDAP's cedar_handler, use the cedar-config script.

Usage: cedar-config [OPTION]

Available values for OPTION include:

  --help       display this help message and exit
  --cc         C compiler
  --cxx        C++ compiler
  --cflags     pre-processor and compiler flags
  --libs       library linking information for the Cedar++ library
  --prefix     OPeNDAP install prefix
  --version    Library version

Documentation has not yet been formalized using doxygen, but we are getting there.

The following are releases of the Cedar Library, beginning with the 2.2.1 release

version Notes source tar ball
latest/2.2.1 Code cleanup, better debugging, bug fixes, added -k option to cedardump to display kinst/kindat/jpar/mpar groupings cedar-2.2.2.tar.gz