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CEDARWEB Empirical Models

A good source for empirical models is at
Some of the models linked at this site are: IGRF, IRI, MSIS, HMR, IZMEM (Izmiran), etc.

The Naval Research Laboratory has updated versions of the MSIS temperature and composition model (NRLMSISE-00) and the Horizontal Wind Model (HWM07 and HWM14) at

The Community Coordinated Modeling Center (CCMC) contains several mostly theoretical space physics models that can be run by users at
Some of the models linked at this site are: Weimer, CTIP, etc.

The following empirical models are available from the CEDAR Database:


Please acknowledge obtaining an empirical model from the CEDAR Database; e.g. 'This study received the .... model from the CEDAR Database at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, which is supported by the National Science Foundation of the United States of America.' Please also reference the model you use with journal publications listed in the annual CEDAR DB catalog under CEDAR DB Documents.


  • The electric potential models (HMR, IZMEM, MHI/MHS and Weimer 1996) either came with the ability to get the electric fields, or this feature was added.

CEDARWEB Large Model Outputs

  • Tidal results from the Forbes semi-diurnal model, the Forbes-Vial semi-diurnal lunar model, and the Global Scale Wave Model (GSWM) are available under 'Data Services' for early versions of the model, but the latest tidal results (monthly global tables etc) from GSWM are at
  • Time-step models such as AMIE, TIEGCM and TIMEGCM are not offered here, but some of their results are available under 'Data Services'.
    • One-min AMIE runs using archival ground magnetometers are available from Aaron Ridley starting in 1991 at
    • Version 1.9 of the NCAR Thermosphere-Ionosphere-Electrodynamics General Circulation Model (TIEGCM) was released in June 2008, and Version 1.91 in December 2008. See the TGCM Main Page for downloads, documentation, and selected simulations.
    • TIEGCM and TIMEGCM outputs are at the NCAR Community Data Portal as plots and netCDF files at the link on the left-hand side under 'simulations' at the TGCM Main Page

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