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2010 CEDAR Prize Citations for Paul Bernhardt (NRL)

Paul Bernhardt of the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC has been chosen as the 2010 CEDAR Prize Lecturer. He will give a talk, "Using Active Experiments to SEE and HEAR the Ionosphere", at the 2010 CEDAR Workshop in Boulder, Colorado on Tuesday 22 June as seen in the agenda at

Dr. Bernhardt's research interests have been primarily in the areas of

  1. ionospheric modification with high-power radio waves and chemical releases
  2. satellite-based radio beacon sensing of space plasmas
  3. analysis and numerical modeling of plasma instabilities

He pioneered the use of chemical releases to modify the ionosphere, including space shuttle exhaust injections, and has lately been involved in ionospheric modification using HAARP and the new Arecibo heater. His contributions to ionospheric and space physics are fundamental and comprehensive; he has published over one hundred papers and holds patents for hyper-spectral imaging and radio beacon design. He has been named Fellow of both IEEE and APS.

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