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Workshop Requirements and Possible Workshop Locations

The 2014 and 2015 CEDAR Workshops will be held 22-26 June 2014 (Sun-Thu) and ~21-26 June 2015 at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. Congratulations to Professor John Sahr who made the proposal! The 2016 and 2017 CEDAR Workshop proposals will be due June 5, 2014 for a new location to be chosen in July 2014 by the joint GEM-CEDAR committee with input from their two science steering committees.

We are searching for CEDAR and GEM Workshop locations so we can change location every year or two. Here are the requirements to hold the CEDAR Workshop for ~380 participants, where ~135 are students or funded CEDAR post-docs. We would like to co-locate with GEM with ~250 participants, with ~65 students, where GEM would meet the week before or after CEDAR. The intervening weekend would be an opportunity to have a CEDAR-GEM joint workshop. Both GEM and CEDAR communities are invited to propose and host locations that will fit CEDAR, since if CEDAR fits, so will GEM. The major costs should be estimated: student lodging, non-student lodging, catering, overhead, meeting space, air fares, poster rental, A/V, conference fees etc. Administrative leads for proposals should contact Kendra Greb of CEDAR (, 303-497-1605) and Xia Cai of GEM (pronounce: Shia Chua,, 757-325-6790) before submitting their proposal in order to help the CEDAR and GEM communities make assessments for their respective groups.

  • 1) The workshops must occur between the third and fifth weeks of June for ~380 total participants, where the 2 workshops meet jointly in-between on a weekend.
  • 2) Each proposal should identify a lead scientific contact.
  • 3) Each proposal should identify a lead administrative contact, who may be from Conference Services/Management, where we would like an estimated cost of their services as well, including any overhead rates (see #10 also).
  • 4) Overhead rates should be known in advance, since this is a significant extra expense at academic institutions.
  • 5) A venue capable of seating 500 people for plenary sessions must be available.
  • 6) A venue for dinner with a scientific speaker with banquet seating for 400 people.
  • 7) Poster space for 46 8x4 posters (~5000-6000 sq ft) must be available. (THIS IS NOT TO BE SHARED WITH OTHER SPACE, except perhaps with the dinner listed above!)
  • 8) Four extra rooms for workshops capable of seating ~100 people should be available.
  • 9) Wireless internet connections are mandatory at the meeting site, and estimated A/V costs, including costs of an A/V technician are desirable.
  • 10)Catering costs are not likely to be per person which is more expensive, but based on menu selections, so please include catering menus for Food and Beverage pricing.
  • 11) The cost of airfare to the destination city or close-by (within ~2h) is a consideration and should be addressed. It is advantageous to have non-stop flights for most people, but not required. (The average plane fare is ~$450, since CEDAR spends ~$700-750/student, with lodging ~$300. The list of equivalent plane fares is at )
  • 12) Inexpensive options for housing ~130 students at approximately $50/night should be locally available.
  • 13) Lodging for ~250 non-students relatively close to the meeting venue with parking options described for the lodging and the meeting location(s).
  • 14) The availability of restaurants within walking distance is advantageous and should be addressed or the necessity to shuttle to relatively nearby (~10 min drive) restaurants
  • 15) Extracurricular activities nearby are also advantageous.

If you have any questions on these requirements, please contact Kendra Greb (kgreb at, 303-497-1605) for CEDAR and Xia Cai of GEM (pronounce: Shia Chua,, 757-325-6790).

Some possible sites (with estimated air fares for 7 student centers)

  • Estimate of airfares for Santa Fe site (ABQ airport): BOS $750*12 + CMI $571*9 + DEN $215*16 + ITH $776*5 + ROA $632*12 + SCE $699*8 + SLC $495*15 = $36468/77 = $473.61 av air fare
  • Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA, contact Mike Ruohoniemi. VT has all the features above. One extra-curricular activity is a 1 hour hike to Cascade falls, where you can then jump in the lake up in the mountains. Estimate of airfares for VT site (ROA airport): BOS $389*12 + CMI $740*9 + DEN $511*16 + ITH $341*5 + ROA $0*12 + SCE $323*8 + SLC $483*15 = $31,038/77 = $403.09 ave air fare
  • University of Washington in Seattle, WA, contact Johan Sahr. U WA has all the features above. Estimate of airfares for U WA site (SEA airport): BOS $391*12 + CMI $478*9 + DEN $229*16 + ITH $510*5 + ROA $510*12 + SCE $453*8 + SLC $339*15 = $30,037/77 = $390.09 ave air fare
  • Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA, contact Julio Urbina. Estimate of airfares for PSU site (SCE airport): BOS $265*12 + CMI $641*9 + DEN $433*16 + ITH $361*5 + ROA $323*12 + SCE $0*8 + SLC $538*15 = $31,072/77 = $403.53 ave air fare
  • Montana State University in Bozeman, MT, contact Dave Klumpar. MSU has all the features above, except can be 5th week of June ONLY (ie, 2015). Estimate of airfares for MSU site (BZN airport): BOS $493*12 + CMI $878*9 + DEN $366*16 + ITH $537*5 + ROA $568*12 + SCE $521*8 + SLC $440*15 = $39,943/77 = $518.74 ave air fare

Suggested sites (need a contact and investigation of requirements)

  • University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, IL (contact ??)
  • University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI (contact Aaron Ridley?)
  • University of California at Los Angeles, CA (contact Larry Lyons?)

Sites with problems

  • University of Wisconsin in Madison, WI was looked at ~2007 and was too expensive, but could be revisited.
  • Boston University in Boston, MA, contact Josh Semeter in 2011. BU cannot give us the second through fifth weeks in June and is also quite expensive.
  • Embry-Riddle University in Daytona Beach, FL, contact Abas Sivjee in 2011. Climate should be OK since are close to ocean, but should only do third week in June to avoid a car race. Problem is classroom size is only 60, and we need at least 2 rooms >100, even if we use the plenary theater for 1 of the 3 large workshops. Possible alternative is their convention center.
  • Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL, contact Ningyu Liu in 2012. FIT has all the features above except class-room size is for ~50, so there are not 4 rooms large enough for the CEDAR breakout sessions of ~100 each. The air flights should be in and out of Orlando (NOT Melbourne)! Climate should be OK since are close to ocean. Estimate of airfares for FIT site (ORL airport): BOS $178*12 + CMI $455*9 + DEN $220*16 + ITH $241*5 + ROA $351*12 + SCE $331*8 + SLC $262*15 = $21,746/77 = $282.42 ave air fare
  • University of Alaska in Fairbanks, AK, contact Roger Smith in 2010. Air fares are too expensive.

Sites that are too hot to look at

  • Clemson University in South Carolina
  • UTD, UT Arlington, and UT Austin in Texas