2008 Workshop:Cubesats - Science and Systems Workshop

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Cubesats - Science and Systems Workshop





1300-1500 Friday 20 June 2008


Format of the Workshop

of scheduled short-presentations, panel discussion


2 hours (default)

Estimated attendance



Comments, Questions, Discussion Forum

Brief Initial Description

NSF has initiated a small satellite program that offers a new platform for Space Weather investigations. Our CEDAR community now has an opportunity to exchange ideas to capitalize and optimize the scientific return through strategy and innovation with our extensive ground based infrastructure.

This workshop will involve two topics, including 1) science and missions and 2) community systems.

1) Science. It is well understood the large spacecraft associated with NASA and other agencies offer missions and investigations from space that are exciting and innovative. Small satellites offer in-situ and limited remote sensing capabilities that can augment larger programs and scientific goals. Considering ¿dipper¿, or ¿sampling from spinning¿, and ¿multiple ¿formations of¿ satellites offer the possibilities for new explorations. The plan for the workshop is to explore scientific problems and methods for evolving the utility of this new tool within our community.

2) Systems. It is also well understood that with small satellites, there is value in community infrastructure in a number of areas. NASA and DOD have satellite communication systems and standards that constitute infrastructure essential to their mission needs. Small satellite communication for example, currently incorporates Amateur Radio bands and technology. The plan for the workshop is to identify and prioritize infrastructure elements that will enhance the community-wide capabilities of this new platform.

The 2- hour workshop will be planned around 45 minutes on each subject. We expect to have a 3-4, 10 minute presentations in each area which are solicited. If you are interested, email: swenson1@uiuc.edu or klump@physics.montana.edu A panel (tbd) discussion is planned for the last 30 minutes.

Presentation Resources

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