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25th Anniversary Celebration of the CEDAR Workshop

The 25th anniversary planning committee from the CSSC are:

We are celebrating at a banquet from 630-900PM at the Millennium Hotel in Boulder on Monday night June 21, 2010. Tim Killeen should be giving a 30-min talk on CEDAR, perhaps similar to the talk he gave for CEDAR and GEM at our 20th anniversary in Santa Fe in 2005. We will celebrate with cakes, a continuous slide show during the banquet, with brief stories, a special talk from Tim Killeen, and with awards for perfect attendance at all 25 CEDAR Workshops for Rich Behnke, Barbara Emery, John Holt, John Meriwether, and Roger Smith. Please contact the committee above with your ideas.

Soliciting stories from the early days

If you want to give a brief story from the early days at the banquet during the speeches, please contact Jeff Thayer with your proposed story to be put on the celebration agenda.

Soliciting people photographs from early CEDAR Workshops etc for slide show

We are soliciting photographs of people from the early CEDAR Workshops especially so we can show them in a continuous loop during the banquet. Five such photographs are in Tim Killeen's 2005 presentation which are reproduced here with incomplete captions. (Please help us in identifications!) Most of these older photographs will have to be scanned first. Please scan your old people photos from the early CEDAR workshops, or CEDAR people in their offices or with their equipment, or at other meetings and upload them here. You can click on the Upload Files, or use the examples from the 'cool' photos to write a link and upload your old people pictures below.

Upload Files Here

Soliciting 'cool' photographs for cake toppings

We are considering celebrating with cake, and adding cool photographs as decorations. The following photos are on continuous loop on the main page courtesy of John Noto for most of them. You can click on the Upload Files, or use the examples below to create a link to upload your 'cool photos.

Upload Files Here

  • Giant solar flare, Nov. 4, 2003 (SOHO satellite, ESA/NASA)
  • Coronal Rain, Nov. 9, 2000 (TRACE, NASA/LMSAL)
  • Sun with artist's impression of Earth's magnetosphere
  • Aurora Australis from Outer Space
  • View of the Northern Lights from Space
  • Aurora over Alaska (Joshua Strang, USAF)
  • Red and green Aurora in Fairbanks, Alaska (Mila Zinkova)
  • Aurora Borealis, Alaska
  • Aurora above the Mesa Lab, Nov. 20, 2003 (Stan Solomon)
  • A very energetic and bright aurora (Tom Eklund)
  • AMISR, Poker Flat Alaska (PFISR)
  • Incoherent Scatter Radar (ISR) dish at Sondrestrom
  • Arecibo radio telescope (Scientific Solutons, Inc.)
  • Millstone Hill ISR Antennae (MIT/Haystack)
  • Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (CTIO)
  • 20 Oct 1993 equatorial spread F over Jicamarca, Peru
  • Incoherent Scatter Radar (ISR) at the Jicamarca Radio Observatory in Peru