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|style="width:55%"|[[Media:2010_thayer_strat_plan.pptx|CEDAR:  The New Dimension pptx form ]]|[[Media:2010_thayer_strat_plan.pdf| pdf form]]
|style="width:55%"|[[Media:2010_thayer_strat_plan.pdf|CEDAR:  The New Dimension]]
|style="width:30%"|J Thayer (CSSC chair)
|style="width:30%"|J Thayer (CSSC chair)

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Revised with links to talks 21 June 2010 by emery@ucar.edu

Sunday 20 June 2010

Math-100 CEDAR Student Workshop (Non-students Welcome)

Theme - "Equatorial Aeronomy: Phenomena and Outstanding Questions"

Co-Chairs E Bass (BU) and M Milla (U IL) (CEDAR student reps)
08:00-09:00 Registration near Math-100, Sign Travel Vouchers
09:00-09:10 Student welcome from NSF F Kamalabadi (NSF)
09:10-09:30 Student welcome from CSSC J Thayer (CSSC)
09:30-09:40 Agenda information and organizational details M Milla and E Bass (CSSC student reps)
09:40-10:40 Keynote Talk #1: Equatorial Aeronomy from a Radar Perspective D Hysell (Cornell)


10:40-10:55 --- Break ---
10:55-11:25 The Ionosphere in Motion: Winds, Waves, and Electrodynamics R Varney (Cornell)

File:Varney tutorial.pdf

11:25-11:55 Equatorial Meteor Science Using Radar Techniques J Fentzke (CoRA)

File:StudentWorkshop EquatorialMeteors.pdf

11:55-12:00 URSI Student Opportunities S Briczinski (U WI)
12:00-12:05 Student Opportunities in Argentina D Janches (CoRA)
12:05-13:30 Lunch on own at UMC or area restaurants
13:30-14:00 Equatorial Electrojet P Alken (NOAA)
14:00-14:30 Equatorial Spread F E Miller (APL)

File:Miller ESF.pdf

14:30-14:45 --- Break ---
14:45-15:45 Keynote Talk #2: Modeling and forecasting the equatorial ionospheric density and scintillation O de la Beaujardiere (AFRL)

File:De La Bj-ionosphere and density-CEDAR-10-v2.ppt

15:45 Adjourn
16:00-19:00 Free time for student recreation (Annual CEDAR Soccer Game, Ultimate Frisbee; etc) Business Field
19:00-20:00 Pizza and salad for students and soccer players outside Darley Commons at Williams Village

Monday 21 June 2010 in Math-100

0715-0800 Registration Near Math-100
0800-0815 Welcome from NSF/CSSC Behnke (NSF)/Thayer (CSSC)
0815-0820 Introduction of CEDAR Postdocs F Kamalabadi (NSF)
0820-0830 Introduction of students by institution M Milla (U IL)
0830-0840 Report of student workshop E Bass (BU)
0840-0910 NSF Aeronomy and Geospace Reviews Kamalabadi/Behnke (NSF)
0910-0940 Break
0940-1000 Inception of the New CEDAR Plan R Robinson (NSF)
1000-1040 CEDAR: The New Dimension J Thayer (CSSC chair)
1040-1100 Future NSF Initiatives of Relevance to CEDAR F Kamalabadi (NSF)
1100-1115 Execution of the CEDAR Plan J Foster (CSSC chair-elect)
1115-1300 lunch on own
1300-1500 W#1 M100: Jicamarca and C/NOFS: the beginning of solar cycle 24 Hysell, Chau, Milla, de la Beaujardiere, Stoneback
1300-1500 W#1 B180: North American Regional DASI Coster, Ruohoniemi, Baker
1300-1500 W#1 ECCR265: Calibration of optical data Nossal, Baumgardner
1300-1500 W#1 ECCR245: Small-scale dynamics in the MLT: A tribute to Edmond Dewan Fritts, Picard, Winick
1500-1600 networking break (coffee only)
1500-1600 Students Meet with NSF Benson-180 with special snacks outside
1500-1600 W#1.5 ECCR151: CARE 2 Planning workshop Bernhardt
1600-1800 W#2 M100: Jicamarca and C/NOFS: the beginning of solar cycle 24 (continued) Hysell, Chau, Milla, de la Beaujardiere, Stoneback
1600-1800 W#2 B180: Midlatitude Stratosphere, Mesosphere and lower Thermosphere (SMLT) science enabled by lidar and other ground-based observations Yuan, Taylor, She
1600-1800 W#2 ECCR265: Calibration of optical data (continued) Nossal, Baumgardner
1600-1800 W#2 ECCR245: Lightning Effects on the Upper Atmosphere N Liu, Stanley, Taylor
1600-1800 W#2 ECCR151: Probing the Physics of the Ionosphere with Active Experiments Bernhardt, Erickson, Bhatt
1830-2130 CEDAR 25th Anniversary Banquet Ballroom of Millenium Hotel
~1945-2045 CEDAR 25th Anniversary Anecdotal Talks Jerry Romick (U AK), Joe Salah (MIT), and M Mendillo (BU)
~2045-2115 CEDAR 25th Anniversary Perfect Attendance and Past CSSC Chair Awards J Thayer (CSSC Chair)

Tuesday 22 June 2010 in Math-100

0800-1000 W#3 M100: Atmospheric coupling during stratospheric sudden warmings Goncharenko, H Liu, Harvey, Chau
0800-1000 W#3 B180: Arecibo Friends Santos, Brum, Gonzalez
0800-1000 W#3 ECCR265: Cubesat, Constellation Mission Planning G Swenson, Klumpar
0800-1000 W#3 ECCR245: Recent advances in mid-latitude thermosphere-ionosphere interaction study Wu, Kerr
0900-1030 Put all posters up in stadium club level
1000-1030 Break
1030-1115 CEDAR Prize Lecture: Using Active Experiments to SEE and HEAR the Ionosphere P Bernhardt (NRL)
1115-1130 The New Arecibo Heater: Status and Future Plans Sulzer (Arecibo) or Bhatt (MIT)
1130-1330 lunch on own
1330-1530 W#4 M100: Atmospheric coupling during stratospheric sudden warmings (continued) Goncharenko, H Liu, Harvey, Chau
1330-1530 W#4 B180: Low-latitude Ionospheric Sensor Network (LISN): scientific results and future projects Valladares, Bullett, Chau, Eccles, Sojka, Woodman
1330-1530 W#4 ECCR265: Mid-to-high latitude ionospheric irregularities and experimental opportunities with the Radio Aurora Explorer satellite mission Bahcivan, Cutler
1330-1530 W#4 ECCR245: Ionospheric Data Assimilation: Driver Estimation Bust, Pi
1530-1600 break (coffee only)
1600-1900 Poster session #1 (MLT) and reception Stadium club level
19:15-21:45 CSSC Dinner Meeting Zolo Southwestern Grill

Wednesday 23 June 2010 in Math-100

0800-0900 CEDAR Distinguished Lecture: The NCAR Thermospheric General Circulation Models (TGCMs): Past, Present and Future R Roble (NCAR)
0900-0915 CEDAR Post-Doc Final Report #1: Magnetospheric energy input uncertainty and its impact on the thermosphere/ionosphere Y Deng (UT Arlington)
0915-0930 CEDAR Post-Doc Final Report #2: Temporal modulations of the four-peaked longitudinal structure of the equatorial ionosphere by planetary waves from COSMIC-GPS occultations G Liu (UCB)
0930-1000 break
1000-1020 Memorial Talk #1: Remembering Henry Rishbeth M Mendillo (BU)
1020-1040 Science Highlight #1: Stormtime Ionospheric Redistribution at Mid-Latitudes: A Coupled Geospace Phenomenon P Erickson (MIT)
1040-1110 Science Highlight #2: Modeling Efforts to Explain Observed Trends in the Upper Atmosphere and Ionosphere L Qian (NCAR)
1110-1130 Some Highlights from the TRENDS 2010 Workshop S Solomon (NCAR)
1130-1330 lunch on own
1330-1530 W#5 M100: Meteoroids and Meteors: Impact Effects Close, Dyrud
1330-1530 W#5 B180: Satellite-based measurements of the ionosphere and plasmasphere using the Global Positioning System Mannucci, Schreiner, Yue, Pi
1330-1530 W#5 ECCR265: Andes Lidar Observatory (ALO) Workshop G Swenson, A Liu
1330-1530 W#5 ECCR245: World Day planning Haggstrom, McCready
1530-1600 break (coffee only)
1600-1900 Poster session #2 (IT) and reception (non-judged posters down between 1900-2030, judged posters down between 2015-2030) Stadium club level

Thursday 24 June 2010 in Math-100

0800-0900 CEDAR Tutorial #1: The Earth's Hydrogen Corona E Mierkiewicz (U WI)
0900-0920 Science Highlight #3: CCMC research and education resources for the CEDAR community JS Shim (CCMC)
0920-0930 Announcement of poster prize winners M Conde and S Skone (CSSC)
0930-1000 Break
1000-1020 Memorial Talk #2: Remembering Bill Gordon R Behnke (NSF)
1020-1040 Science Highlight #4: PFISR Science: The First Three Years J Semeter (BU)
1040-1055 CEDAR Post-Doc Final Report #3: Nocturnal SHS observations of the 372.7nm O+ doublet S Briczinski (U WI)
1055-1110 CEDAR Post-Doc Final Report #4: Airglow signatures of gravity waves near the onset of dissipation J Snively (USU)
1110-1115 Announcement of new CSSC members NSF
1115-1125 Announcement of the transition of the CSSC Chair and team J Thayer to J Foster
1125-1330 lunch on own
1125-1330 CSSC lunch alcove in Stadium Club
1330-1530 W#6 M100: Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling Semeter, Sojka, Bristow, van Eyken, Zhu, Nicolls
1330-1530 W#6 B180: Mini Lidar School for CEDAR Community Chu, She
1330-1530 W#6 ECCR265: Equatorial-PRIMO (Problems Related to Ionospheric Models and Observations) Fang, Anderson
1330-1530 W#6 ECCR245: Chemistry and Temperatures from the Upper Mesosphere to the Lower Thermosphere: Connecting satellite observations to ground-based measurement and model results Bishop, Budzien, Stephan, Bailey, Crowley, S Smith
1530-1600 break (coffee only)
1545-1745 W#7 Bus Field Trip to Table Mountain: Mini Lidar School for CEDAR Community Chu, She
1600-1800 W#7 M100: High Latitude Plasma Structures (HLPS2) Sojka, Semeter, Bristow, van Eyken, Zhu, Nicolls
1600-1800 W#7 B180: Using WACCM for Studying the Atmosphere Ridley, Marsh, H Liu

Friday 25 June 2010

0800-1000 W#8 B180: Recent Advances in Modeling the Ionosphere Huba, Schunk, Ridley
0800-1000 W#8 ECCR265: Turbopause: measurements, concepts, and implications Lehmacher, Collins, Larsen
0800-1000 W#8 ECCR245: Equatorial Aeronomy Across South America Makela, Gerrard, Meriwether
1000-1030 Break
1030-1230 W#9 B180: CEDAR Electrodynamics Thermosphere Ionosphere (ETI) Challenge Kuznetsova, Shim, Emery, Ridley, Lei
1030-1230 W#9 ECCR265: Turbopause: measurements, concepts, and implications (continued) Lehmacher, Collins, Larsen
1030-1230 W#9 ECCR245: Equatorial Aeronomy Across South America (continued) Makela, Gerrard, Meriwether