2011 Workshop:Chapman Storm

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The Chapman Storm Auroral Events

Location, Date/Time and Duration

2 hours

Conveners (First is CEDAR convener, Second is GEM convener, the rest are co-conveners)

Eric Donovan
Andreas Keiling
Bill Bristow
Larry Lyons
Larry Kepko

Format of the Workshop

Short Presentations

Estimated attendance


Justification for the workshop

This study period could be considered the first storm of the new solar cycle. There were some excellent observations available, some of which have never been available for a storm study. In particular the full Themis ground-based optics array and the mid-latitude SuperDARN radars seem to have had excellent observations. The period should be an excellent candidate for an in depth case study.

Requested Specific Days

We request that the workshop be held some time between Monday and Wednesday (inclusive) and that it not overlap with the working group meeting held by Shasha Zou and Mike Ruohoniemi.

Special technology requests


During the week of February 27 to March 4, 2011, the week of the AGU Chapman Conference on Relationship Between Auroral Phenomenology and Magnetospheric Processes there was significant auroral activity and relatively high magnetic activity (kp > 5). These events were some of the largest in the last two years. The events coincided with clear weather over much of Alaska and Canada, which allowed for excellent observation from various ground-based optical instruments. In addition there were fortuitous Themis conjunctions and the events were captured by the new mid-latitude SuperDARN radars. The workshop will allow observers to present preliminary analysis of their observations and discussion of further studies.

Workshop Summary

This is where the final summary workshop report will be.

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