2011 Workshop:CubeSats for GEM and CEDAR Science

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Cross-cutting CEDAR/GEM Science enabled by tiny satellites, including CubeSats

Location, Date/Time and Duration

4 hours


David Klumpar
Kristina Lynch
Therese Moretto-Jorgensen
Rick Doe
Charles Swenson
Bob Lin
Greg Earle

Format of the Workshop

Short Presentations

Estimated attendance


Justification for the workshop

Very small satellites are being proposed, designed, built and launched to carry out both fundamental research and Space Weather applications across a broad base of the ITM and terrestrial magnetosphere communities, as well as Solar, and Heliospheric research. Topical sessions at the American Geophysical Union meeting (notably in December 2009) have generated broad community participation. Annual CEDAR meetings have hosted well-attended "CubeSat" workshops for several years. The NRC Decadal Survey process is reviewing a number of White Papers relating to the scientific utility of CubeSats. The occasion of the joint GEM/CEDAR Workshop is an opportune time to bring the ITM and Magnetospheric community together to discuss the scientific promise of this emerging new capability.

Requested Specific Days

none, at this time

Special technology requests

internet access (possibly)


Participants will weigh the scientific promise of tiny satellite technologies for ITM and Magnetospheric research and space weather applications. Short presentations of scientific mission concepts (proposed, and on-going) will be sought from the CEDAR and GEM communities with the aim of stimulating discussion of the broader applicability of CubeSats and related small free-flying platforms to revolutionize our science and vitalize our communities. Novel applications of "TinySats" will be especially encouraged, including missions to hard-to-reach regions, and the promise of swarm missions. Broad student participation will be vigorously sought.

Workshop Summary

This is where the final summary workshop report will be.

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