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CEDAR-GEM Dayside Field Aligned Current and Energy Deposition (FED)

Location, Date/Time and Duration

4 hours

Conveners (First is CEDAR convener, Second is GEM convener, the rest are co-conveners)

Geoff CrowleyDelores Knipp
Stefan Eriksson
Herb Carlson

Format of the Workshop

Short Presentations

Estimated attendance


Justification for the workshop

In 2009 GEM established a Focus Area on Dayside Field Aligned Current and Energy Deposition in recognition of newly discovered localized energy deposition regimes during intervals of strong IMF By and neutral to positive IMF Bz. Efforts on both the magnetospheric and thermospheric ends of the problem reveal that significant energy is entering the thermosphere on the dayside, hence the impetus to have a joint GEM-CEDAR session. This workshop aims to investigate both magnetospheric and thermospheric implications of this energy source during quiet and disturbed intervals.

Requested Specific Days

Early in the week to deconflict with IUGG

Special technology requests


GOAL: Explain sources of enhanced dayside thermospheric density and their relation to enhanced dayside field-aligned currents and Poynting flux, their sources in the solar wind and their impacts in the ionosphere-thermosphere system.

Topics: • Dayside field-aligned current systems for large in-the-ecliptic IMF • The nature of Poynting and particle energy deposition for IMF BZ>0 and large BY • Dayside energy sources and transport for such events • The role of enhanced solar wind density and speed during such events • The relation of such events to cusp region thermospheric density anomalies • Comparison of dayside energy sources within the context of the IMF • Methods for detecting such disturbances; indices vs. space based monitors • MHD and empirical modeling of related disturbances • Overall magnetospheric structure during in-the-ecliptic IMF disturbances

This workshop will provide a venue for joint CEDAR-GEM discussion of roles and means of the dayside energy deposition in changing the environment in which many space-based assets operate. It will serve as a platform to 1) explore the importance of various modes of magnetospheric behavior on the thermosphere and to 2) explore the feedback the ionosphere/thermosphere may provide to the magnetosphere.

Workshop Announcement

Dayside FACs and Energy Deposition--Dayside FED Joint GEM-CEDAR Meeting

Delores Knipp, Stefan Eriksson, Geoff Crowley, Herb Carlson

We would like to invite contributions to the Dayside FAC and Energy Deposition (FED) focus group at the upcoming GEM-CEDAR workshop in Santa-Fe on June 27-July 1, 2011. This will be the second year in which special sessions on this topic have been held. The effort focuses on explaining the relation between enhanced dayside Poynting flux and field-aligned currents, sources of field-aligned currents in the solar wind and magnetosphere and their impacts in the ionosphere-thermosphere system. The Focus Group goals and other information are at:


The FED focus group will hold two sessions. Both sessions have been tentatively scheduled on Tuesday Jun 28 (10-12 and 1:30-3:30). The sessions will cover data, theory, and modeling aspects of the following topics:

Dayside Poynting Flux, Joule Heating and Their Relation to Field Aligned Currents Particle Energy Deposition on the Dayside Dissipation of Magnetospheric Energy in the Dayside Thermosphere Thermospheric Density Enhancements and Traveling Atmo/Ionospheric Disturbances Solar Wind Drivers for Extreme Dayside Poynting Flux Events

The sessions will be held in a joint workshop with CEDAR. We anticipate a full slate of presentations and want to encourage a presentation style in which each speaker will be allotted time for a 3-4 slides, in order to ensure enough time for discussion. At least one of the slides should deal with unresolved issues. Speakers are encouraged to end their presentation with outstanding questions that can be addressed jointly.

If you have not already done so, please send the title(s) and session(s) of your contribution(s) to us at your earliest convenience at the email addresses listed below.

Also note that some of the Dayside FED events have been added to the GEM-CEDAR challenge events and will get additional attention in the Challenge sessions (see meeting agenda for details).

  • Delores Knipp (delores.knipp at gmail.com)
  • Stefan Eriksson (eriksson at lasp.colorado.edu)
  • Geoff Crowley (gcrowley at astraspace.net)
  • Herb Carson (herbert.c.carlson at gmail.com)

Workshop Summary

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