2011 Workshop:Equatorial PRIMO

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Equatorial-PRIMO (Problems Related to Ionospheric Models and Observations)

Location, Date/Time and Duration

2 hours


Tzu-Wei Fang
David Anderson

Workshop Categories

Altitudes: IT - Latitudes: equatorial - Inst/Model: modeling - Other:

Format of the Workshop

1st hr short presentations; 2nd hr round table discussion

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Special technology requests

LCD projector


We do not fully understand all the relevant physics of the equatorial ionosphere, so that current models do not completely agree with each other and are not able to accurately reproduce observations.


• Primary Objective: To understand the strengths and the limitations of theoretical, time-dependent, low-latitude ionospheric models in representing observed ionospheric structure and variability under low to moderate solar activity and geomagnetic quiet conditions, in order to better understand the underlying ionospheric physics and develop improved models.

• Following the 2010 workshop, we presented the preliminary model comparisons at the 2010 Fall AGU Meeting: It is anticipated that the presentations and discussions during this workshop will relate to 1.) Explaining the discrepancies in the non self-consistent model run comparisons that calculate Nmax and hmax vs magnetic latitude and local time and 2.) Examining the discrepancies in the self-consistent model run comparisons to determine the most likely candidates for explaining these discrepancies.

• This is the 2nd of a multi-year Equatorial-PRIMO CEDAR workshop.

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Introduction of Equatorial-PRIMO

New Results of Model-model Comparisons

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