2011 Workshop:Measurements of Ion Outflow

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Measurements of Ion Outflow in the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere

Location, Date/Time and Duration

2 hours

Conveners (First is CEDAR convener, Second is GEM convener, the rest are co-conveners)

Charles R. Chappell
Bob Schunk
Dan Welling

Format of the Workshop

Two tutorials then short presentations and discussion

Estimated attendance


Justification for the workshop

This workshop will be an important element of the new GEM Focus Group on The Ionospheric Source of Magnetospheric Plasma. It is one of a set of workshops that are being proposed for the CEDAR-GEM meeting in order to kick-off this new area of joint study.

Requested Specific Days

It would be helpful if this workshop could be scheduled toward the beginning of the meeting so as to fit together with the 3 other workshop elements on this topic which are being proposed. It should precede the Schunk session on Outflow Models and the Welling session on Merging Ionospheric Outflow Models to GGCM’s. We are also proposing a final workshop planning session for the end of the week.

Special technology requests

Although the technology requirements for the workshop will depend on the specific requests of the participating speakers, we anticipate the need for an LCD projector compatible with laptop computers as well as internet access.


The Earth’s ionosphere has been shown to be a significant contributor of plasma to different particle populations of the magnetosphere. Through a variety of energization processes, the low energy ionospheric particles are transported from low altitudes upward into the magnetosphere where they can become more energized and can help create fundamentally important regions such as the plasma sheet and ring current. This workshop will review and discuss observations of outflow in the ionosphere and magnetosphere as a stimulus for refining existing outflow models.

Workshop Summary

This is where the final summary workshop report will be.

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