2011 Workshop:Student Tutorial on Data Assimilation

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Student Tutorial on Data Assimilation

Location, Date/Time and Duration

1 hour changed to 2 hour regular workshop

Conveners (First is CEDAR convener, Second is GEM convener, the rest are co-conveners)

Tomoko MatsuoTomoko Matsuo
Delores Knipp
Art Richmond

Format of the Workshop


Estimated attendance

all students

Justification for the workshop

In our 2010 NSF National Space Weather Proposal on Assimilative Mapping we offered to host a student tutorial on data assimilation at the joint CEDAR-GEM meeting. This was called out as a highlight of the funded proposal.

Requested Specific Days

Sunday (student tutorial day) - changed to Monday through Wednesday (gone Thursday-Friday)

Special technology requests



GOAL: Inform students about the basics of data assimilation, and explain step by step how each component (model, observation, principles of statistical inference) works together to yield an optimal analysis. We will also provide examples from specific applications to high-latitude ionospheric electrodynamics.


  • Fundamentals of data assimilation (Bayes’ Rule)
  • Variance, correlation, and covariance
  • Observations
  • Background (empirical) models
  • Roles of background and observational error covariance

This presentation will be offered at the “101 Level”, and will emphasize data assimilation techniques for the high latitude ionospheric electrodynamics that do not involve dynamical forecast models.

This joint workshop will be held primarily for the benefit of students but also anyone who is interested in learning basics of data assimilation and space science applications. The basics of data assimilation will be presented step-by-step, how each component (model, observation, principles of statistical inference such as Bayes's rule, covariances etc) works together to yield an optimal analysis. We will offer *three* 30-minute tutorial presentations that cover different DA applications in space sciences, ranging from the ionosphere and high-latitude ionospheric electrodynamics to the radiation belt.


Opening Remarks by Delores Knipp (moderator) - 2 min (mp4 to come)


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