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2012 CEDAR Workshop

24-29 June 2012

Eldorado Hotel, Santa Fe, NM

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All updates to the wiki between May 30 and June 21 were lost. This includes all the workshop pages like the agenda, the individual workshop pages, etc are missing content. We are trying to upload the missing 3 weeks of materials, but please be patient and let us know if things are missing. Remember, all those with wiki or DB logins can revise wiki web pages themselves and add things that are missing. You can find out what your login is by clicking on the left-hand side 'toolbox'/'special pages'/'User List', and guess your login (often first initial and last name). Add agendas and .pdf files of the presentations so the workshop web pages are a proper archive of the meeting. Please help make our workshop and other pages the best we can for present and archival purposes. Thanks! Barbara Emery



Registration and Workshop Materials

Register Students 18 May and Regulars 1 June - poster abstracts due 18 May

CEDAR Welcome Reception

There will be a CEDAR Welcome Reception on Sunday night June 24, 2012 from 730-900PM (1930-2100).

Poster Sessions

See poster information at the link to Workshop Traditions - Poster Guidelines (4x4ft etc), Student Poster Competition. Usually have 36-40 poster boards in the Pavilion 4ftx4ft or 2 posters each side of a board. Winning posters can be displayed in the halls starting the morning that the Student Poster winners are announced Thursday AM. The posters are up the whole time from Monday PM to Thursday AM with evening poster sessions from 4-7PM on Tuesday for MLT and Wednesday for IT, June 26-27, 2012.

Individual Workshops

Workshop conveners must address and consider the following issues:

  1. Workshop Justification: Articulate the significance of your science topic/problem and how it relates to the CEDAR Strategic Plan.
  2. Introduce the topic in general terms and encourage student participation.
  3. Allow lots of discussion time (aim for 30-50% of the time for discussion) and, as much as possible, give an agenda with titles of the talks, presenters, and order in their workshop descriptions before the workshop is held.

General Information