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2013 CEDAR Workshop

The theme of the 2013 Workshop is "Implementing the New Dimension Strategic Plan" at http://cedarweb.hao.ucar.edu/wiki/images/1/1e/CEDAR_Plan_June_2011_online.pdf

Saturday-Friday 22-28 June 2013

Boulder, Colorado at the Millenium Hotel

  • 2014 CEDAR Workshop at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA 22-27 June
  • 2015 CEDAR Workshop at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA 21-26 June


CEDAR-GEM Meeting (Sat-Sun June 22-23)

The CEDAR-GEM group will meet at the Millennium Hotel in Boulder for educating plenary sessions on the weekend inbetween GEM at Snowmass (Sun-Fri Jun 16-21) and CEDAR (Sun-Fri Jun 23-28). The emphasis is on educating the two groups to work together on issues such as the 5 coupling phenomena listed. There will be some spill-over in the form of workshops and perhaps plenary talks on Monday-Tuesday June 24-25 also, with IT posters (some CEDAR-GEM) on Tuesday night. Those who want to attend these 2 days should sign up for a '2-day meeting'. The Saturday-Sunday sessions are free.

Registration for the 2013 CEDAR Workshop and CEDAR-GEM Meeting

Register Registration Deadlines: Students- 17 May and Regulars- 31 May - poster abstracts due 17 May

Workshop Materials

Agenda (with links to plenary .pdfs and workshop URLs)

Poster Sessions

See the Workshop Materials above for .pdfs of the poster board layout, abstract booklets, and lists of the poster titles and first authors for the two sessions. NEW in 2013: links to poster .pdfs. (See Meriwether example at the end of http://cedarweb.hao.ucar.edu/wiki/index.php/Help:Uploading_Files for an example of how to upload a .pdf file to the CEDAR wiki.)

  • IT Poster List with all additions/corrections and any links to .pdf files
  • MLT Poster List with all additions/corrections and any links to .pdf files
  • Additions and Corrections to the .pdf files under "Workshop Materials"
    • MLTG-09 by Dyrland is withdrawn so METR-11 is not in IRRI-15, but after METR-10 and next to MLTG-01
    • MLTG-18 by Yamashita is withdrawn, and MLTG-20 by Earle is near its place after MLTG-19
    • IRRI-15 was cancelled, and ITIT-00 by England is thus after IRRI-18 and before ITIT-01
    • COUP-04 (at start of MLT posters) by Houjun Wang is withdrawn and IRRI-00 by Steve Taylor (MS student) is added in its spot
    • ITMA-01 by Tao Li, Xin Fang et al is withdrawn and ITIT-21 by Alex Cushley (MS students) is added in its spot
    • MDIT-16 by Pedrina Terra Santos is withdrawn
    • ITMA-07 by Xuewu Cheng is withdrawn
    • EQIT-07 by Luis Navarro Dominguez is withdrawn (dup undergrad)
    • Missing posters at the sessions were: ITIT-14 by Michael Hirsch and METR-05 by Steven Pifko, both PhD students in competition

Individual Workshops

Please upload .pdfs of the .pptx talks to your workshop web page. Naming the file is easiest as described in the Meriwether example found at the end of http://cedarweb.hao.ucar.edu/wiki/index.php/Help:Uploading_Files and remember your speakers can upload their talks also using their webnames. A final summary put at the end of your webpage is also due for printout in the CEDAR Post at the end of the summer.

Workshop conveners must address and consider the following issues:

  1. CEDAR Science Challenge: Should address the 2013 CEDAR Workshop Theme: Identify and address the grand challenges in the science disciplines that fall into the CEDAR domain. Sessions should identify a particular science challenge and outline an approach to meet it. Please specify:
    1. how the associated questions will be addressed
    2. what resources exist, are planned, or are needed,
    3. how progress should be measured.
  2. Workshop Justification: Should address the science priorities in the field of aeronomy and space physics for the upcoming decade described by the 2012 Decadal Survey for Solar and Space Physics from the National Academy of Sciences. See

General Information