2014 Workshop:IT Poster List Tuesday

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CEDAR IT Poster Session – Tuesday, June 24, 2014

(57 of 103 posters in competition)

DATA Data Assimilation or Management (4 of 7 posters in competition)
EQIT Equatorial Thermosphere or Ionosphere (7 of 15 posters in competition)
IRRI Irregularities of Ionosphere or Atmosphere (7 of 15 posters in competition)
ITIT Instruments or Techniques for Ionospheric or Thermospheric Observation (9 of 15 posters in competition)
LTVI Long Term Variations of the Ionosphere-Thermosphere (1 of 2 posters in competition)
MITC Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere Coupling (3 of 7 posters in competition)
MDIT MidLatitude Thermosphere or Ionosphere (8 of 12 posters in competition)
POLA Polar Aeronomy (12 of 23 posters in competition)
SOLA Solar Terrestrial Interactions in the Upper Atmosphere (6 of 7 posters in competition)

Data Assimilation or Management
DATA-01 Gary Steven Bust, Non-student, presented by high school student Kaleb Slaatthuag, A Data Assimilative Comparison of Solar Cycle 24 Magnetic Storms
DATA-02 Brian J. Harding, Student IN poster competition Data fusion from a network of Fabry-Perot interferometers: Estimation of regional thermospheric wind dynamics
DATA-03 Hsu, Chih Ting, Student IN poster competition Effects of estimating unobserved thermosphere-ionosphere states by data assimilation of FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC data on global ionospheric forecasting
DATA-04 Lin, Chi-Yen, Student IN poster competition Ionospheric Assimilation of Radio Occultation and Ground-based GPS data using Non-stationary Background Model Error Covariance
DATA-05 Nikoukar, Romina, Non-student Specification of the plasmasphere using a new data assimilation approach
DATA-06 Pawlowski, Dave, Non-student Using Ensemble Simultaions to Assess Uncertainty in the Upper Atmosphere
DATA-07 Sun, Yang-Yi, Student IN poster competition Assimilative Neutral Wind Bias Correction Scheme for Global Ionospheric Modeling at Midlatitude

Equatorial Thermosphere or Ionosphere
EQIT-01 Espinoza, Juan C., Student NOT in poster competition LISN network: TEC observations over South America
EQIT-02 Hairston, Marc, Non-student The equatorial ionosphere's response to the October 2012 geomagnetic storms
EQIT-03 Hassan, Ehab, Student IN poster competition Equatorial Electrojet Irregularities- New Fluid Approach and Simulation
EQIT-04 Hickey, Dustin A., Student IN poster competition Boston University All-Sky Imager at the Jicamarca Radio Observatory
EQIT-05 Hong, Junseok, Student IN poster competition Equinoctial asymmetry of transition heights in topside ionospheric profiles
EQIT-06 Kiene, Andrew Devon, Student IN poster competition Westward neutral winds in the postsunset equatorial Thermosphere
EQIT-07 Hsu, Vicki, Student IN poster competition Altitude Structure of the Equatorial Thermosphere Anomaly
EQIT-08 MacInnis, Rebecca, Student IN poster competition Zonal drifts from all-sky imaging observations and CINDI data: magnetically conjugate behavior and latitudinal shear
EQIT-09 Valladares, Cesar Enrique, Non-student The Tropical Ionization Anomaly
EQIT-10 Moro, Juliano, Student NOT in poster competition Equatorial Electric Fields in the Brazilian and Peruvian Sectors
EQIT-11 Pacheco, Edgardo, Non-student Observations of low-latitude irregularities during low and moderate solar activity
EQIT-12 Rodrigues, Fabiano, Non-student MELISSA: A new coherent backscatter radar interferometer for the Brazilian sector
EQIT-13 Smith, Jessica Mae, Student IN poster competition On the magnitude of equatorial pre-reversal enhancement of the ionospheric zonal electric field and equatorial topside irregularities
EQIT-14 Sorbello, Robert Michael, Student NOT in poster competition First steps towards the implementation of a cognitive radar to study plasma instabilities near the Peruvian Andes
EQIT-15 Suarez Munoz, Daniel, Student NOT in poster competition Signal Chain Software for Jicamarca Radar

Irregularities of Ionosphere or Atmosphere
IRRI-01 Chen, Shih-Ping, Student IN poster competition Occultation Scintillation Observed by FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC in 2007-2014
IRRI-02 Cosgrove, Russell Bonner, Non-student Alfven waves in the ionosphere: cutoff altitude and feedback instability
IRRI-03 Crowley, Geoff, Non-student Acoustic Waves Detected in the F-region Ionosphere
by the TIDDBIT HF TID Mapping System IRRI-04 Crowley, Geoff, Non-student TID Observations at Middle and Low Latitudes Using the TIDDBIT HF TID Mapper
IRRI-05 Crowley, Geoff, Non-student OSSE Experiments to Determine the Value of Various Observing Systems for Ionosphere-Thermosphere Specification
IRRI-06 Deshpande, Kshitija Bharat, Student IN poster competition Inverse modeling using a novel GPS scintillation model, SIGMA, to characterize high latitude irregularities
IRRI-07 Eltrass, Ahmed Said Hassan, Student IN poster competition Identification of the generation source of decameter-scale ionospheric irregularities on plasmapause field lines
IRRI-08 Lamarche, Leslie Jean, Student IN poster competition A statistical investigation of decameter-scale plasma waves in the polar F region
IRRI-09 Lin, Fei-Fan, Student IN poster competition Observations of three dimensional spatial plasma structures of F region 3-m field-aligned irregularities made with Chung-Li VHF radar
IRRI-10 Van der Meeren, Christer, Student IN poster competition GNSS scintillations in the nightside polar ionosphere over Svalbard
IRRI-11 Wang, Chien-Ya, Non-student Characteristics of 3-m field-aligned irregularities in daytime and nighttime sporadic E region made with Chung-Li VHF radar
IRRI-12 Yokoyama, Tatsuhiro, Non-student Three-dimensional high-resolution plasma bubble modeling
IRRI-13 Zewdie, Gebreab Kidanu, Student IN poster competition Applying the Fourier, Capon and Maximum Entropy Imaging Techniques to Sao Luis Coherent Radar Interferometer Measurements
IRRI-14 Isham, Brett, Non-student Nonthermal plasma modes in the terrestrial ionosphere
IRRI-15 Drob, Douglas Patrick, Non-student Understanding the Response of the Ionosphere to Atmospheric Waves Generated by Tsunamis and Other Geophysical Disturbances

Instrs or Techniques for Ionos or Thermos Obs
ITIT-01 Andersen, Carl, Student IN poster competition Measurement of Neutral Winds and Gradients in the Lower Thermosphere with Multi-Point, Chemical-Release Sounding Rocket Payloads
ITIT-02 Dhadly, Manbharat Singh, Student IN poster competition First ever cross-comparison of thermospheric neutral wind measured by narrow and wide field optical Doppler spectroscopy
ITIT-03 Fernandes, Philip, Student IN poster competition Possible measurements of low-altitude ion conics from the MICA sounding rocket
ITIT-04 Gardner, Derek, Student NOT in poster competition First Balmer-a Airglow Temperature Observations using Field-Widened Spatial Heterodyne Spectroscopy
ITIT-05 Geddes, George R., Student NOT in poster competition Ionospheric Inversion Using OII 83.4 nm Observations
ITIT-06 Goenka, Chhavi, Student IN poster competition Versatile four channel tunable hyperspectral imager for remote sensing
ITIT-07 Hew, Monica, Student IN poster competition Optical Characterization Methods for Assessing Threat of Spacecraft Electrical Anomaly due to Hypervelocity Impact Plasma
ITIT-08 Kuyeng Ruiz, Karim M., Student NOT in poster competition Preliminary results of the PSU All-sky Radar Interferometry System (PARIS)
ITIT-09 Mangognia, Tony, Student IN poster competition Newly Revised Helium Resonance Fluorescence LiDAR
ITIT-10 Pyle, Michelle Lynn, Student IN poster competition Design for Miniaturized Time-of-Flight Reflectron Mass Spectrometer for Upper Atmosphere Density Measurements
ITIT-11 Reimer, Ashton Seth, Student IN poster competition Estimation of Self-Clutter for HF Ionospheric Radars that Employ the Multi-pulse Technique
ITIT-12 Reimer, Ashton Seth, Student NOT in poster competition Determination of an Optimal Pulse-Repetition Time for SuperDARN radars
ITIT-13 Sun, Weiwei, Student NOT in poster competition High speed multi-antenna radar receiver
ITIT-14 Swoboda, John P., Student IN poster competition Plasma Motion Induced Artifacts in 3-D Incoherent Scatter Radar
ITIT-15 Tatton, Nicole, Student NOT in poster competition The Optical Profiling of the Atmospheric Limb (OPAL) CubeSat Experiment

Long Term Variations of the Ionosphere-Thermosphere
LTVI-01 Hawkins, Jessica, Student IN poster competition Solar Zenith Angle as a Driver of Seasonal Oscillations in the Ionosphere
LTVI-02 Nossal, Susan Marcelle , Non-student Thermospheric hydrogen response to increases in greenhouse gases

Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere Coupling
MITC-01 Anderson, Brian J., Non-student Relationships between Birkeland current onset dynamics and IMF/solar wind forcing
MITC-02 Akbari, Hassanali, Student IN poster competition Aspect-angle dependence study of naturally enhanced ion-acoustic lines
MITC-03 Cameron, Taylor, Student IN poster competition Electron Energy Dispersion as seen by the ePOP Suprathermal Electron Imager
MITC-04 Connor, Hyunju, Non-student Initial results of storm-time IT responses using the OpenGGCM-CTIM global magnetosphere-ionosphere-thermosphere model
MITC-05 Li, Zan, Student NOT in poster competition Investigation of EMIC Wave Scattering as the Cause for the BARREL January 17, 2013 Relativistic Electron Precipitation Event
MITC-06 Sousa, Austin Patrick, Student IN poster competition A Cubesat Instrumentation Suite for In-Situ Measurements of Wave-Induced Particle Precipitation
MITC-07 Mauk, Barry, Non Student Van Allen Probes Overview and New Resources available via the Mission Gateway

MidLatitude Thermosphere or Ionosphere
MDIT-01 Duly, Timothy, Student IN poster competition Self-consistent generation of medium-scale traveling ionospheric disturbances (MSTIDs) within the SAMI3 numerical model
MDIT-02 Duly, Timothy, Student NOT in poster competition pyglow: Upper atmosphere climatological models in Python
MDIT-03 Frissell, Nathaniel Anthony, Student IN poster competition Sources and Characteristics of Medium Scale Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances Observed by a Longitudinally Distributed Chain of SuperDARN Radars Across the United States
MDIT-04 Lin, Yen-Chieh, Student NOT in poster competition Model simulation of electron density profile in lower part of ionosphere
MDIT-05 Lomidze, Levan, Student IN poster competition Magnetic meridional winds in the thermosphere derived from GAIM and their sensitivity to atmospheric model parameters
MDIT-06 Mabie, Justin J.E., Student IN poster competition High Altitude Acoustic Wave Generated by Launch of the Cygnus ORB-1 Mission to the ISS
MDIT-07 Perez Ramirez, Freddy M, Student NOT in poster competition MatLab Implementation for Ionosphere Modeling Using B-Spline, VTEC and IRI2012 Models
MDIT-08 Sullivan, Catherine, Student IN poster competition Magnetically Conjugate Observations of Ionospheric Processes Using All-Sky Imagers in the American Sector
MDIT-09 Zhu, Jie, Student IN poster competition Simulating electron and ion temperatures in Global Ionosphere Thermosphere Model
MDIT-10 Chien, Shih Han, Student IN poster competition Observations of semidiurnal tidal variability at seasonal and day-to-day time scales from the Boulder Fabry-Perot Interferometer
MDIT-11 Mesquita, Rafael, Student IN poster competition A study of the correlation between the midnight temperature maximum signature and the total electron content in the mid-eastern continental United States
MDIT-12 Mesquita, Rafael, Student NOT in poster competition A multi-instrument study of the vertical plasma drift difference associated with the pre-midnight brightness wave signature over the north-eastern Brazilian region

Polar Aeronomy
POLA-01 Archer, William, Student IN poster competition Ion Thermalization at 500 km
POLA-02 Burleigh, Meghan, Student IN poster competition Coupling of Low Altitude Ionospheric Upflow Processes to Ion Outflow
POLA-03 Clayton, Robert, Student NOT in poster competition Localized Ionospheric Cubeswarm Concept
POLA-04 Emery, Barbara, Non-student Sondrestrom Joule Heating Estimates
POLA-05 Fallen, Christopher Thomas, Non-student Simulations of the high-latitude ionosphere response to the 25 Feb 2014 X4.9-class solar flare
POLA-06 Forsythe, Victoriya V., Student IN poster competition Observations of the high-velocity echoes from the polar E region with new Antarctic SuperDARN radars
POLA-07 Gallardo Lacourt, Beatriz, Student IN poster competition Ionospheric flow structures associated with auroral beading at the substorm auroral onset
POLA-08 Goodwin, Lindsay Victoria, Student IN poster competition Negative AL index excursions and their influence on the high latitude F-region ion temperature at dusk
POLA-09 Hirsch, Michael, Student IN poster competition Reconstruction of Fine Scale Auroral Dynamics
POLA-10 Hurd, Lucas David, Student IN poster competition Joule heating effects of small-scale structure and neutral winds in the high-latitude thermosphere/ionosphere
POLA-11 Jee, Geonhwa, Non-student Fabry-Perot Interferometer Installed at Korean Jang Bogo Station (JBS), Antarctica
POLA-12 Kaeppler, Stephen R., Non-student Observations in the E-region ionosphere of kappa distribution functions associated with precipitating auroral electrons and discrete aurorae
POLA-13 Liu, Xianjing, Non-student Thermosphere dynamics and composition changes
POLA-14 Sheng, Cheng, Student IN poster competition Correlation between Poynting flux and soft electron precipitation around the cusp region
POLA-15 Patrick, Matthew Ryan, Student IN poster competition Time Evolution of Poynting Flux as Observed with the Swarm Satellites.
POLA-16 Perry, Gareth W., Student IN poster competition Spatiotemporally resolved plasma and electric field structuring associated with a sun-aligned arc over Resolute Bay
POLA-17 Shim, Ja Soon, Non-student Systematic assessment of the Ionosphere/Thermosphere models driven by different high latitude drivers
POLA-18 Slanger, Tom, Non-student The Compact Echelle Spectrograph for Aeronomic Research (CESAR)
POLA-19 Spaleta, Jeffrey D., Non-student Index of Refraction Measurements in the Polar Cap Using the McMurdo Radar
POLA-20 Wang, Boyi, Student IN poster competition Coordinated observations of polar cap flow channels by all-sky imagers and DMSP
POLA-21 Zou, Ying, Student NOT in poster competition Localized polar cap flow enhancement evolution and tracing using airglow patches
POLA-22 Liuzzo, Lucas, Student IN poster competition High-latitude ionospheric drivers and their effects on wind patterns in the thermosphere
POLA-23 Liuzzo, Lucas, Student NOT in poster competition A statistical comparison of coupled thermosphere-ionosphere models Polar Aeronomy

Solar Terr Interactions in the Upper Atmosphere
SOLA-01 Kalafatoglu Eyiguler, Emine Ceren, Student IN poster competition Quantitative Assessment of the Ionosphere-Thermosphere Model Performances for the Orbit Averaged Storm Time Neutral Density along the CHAMP Satellite Track
SOLA-02 Kim, Jeongheon, Student IN poster competition A quantitative analysis of solar X class flare effects on ionosonde and GPS TEC data
SOLA-03 Lin, Ying-tsen, Student IN poster competition Modeling Nitric Oxide in the Lower Thermosphere with measured Solar Soft X-ray Irradiance
SOLA-04 McGranaghan, Ryan M., Student IN poster competition Forecasting the Impact of Equinoctial High-Speed Stream Structures on Thermospheric Responses
SOLA-05 Reistad, Jone Peter, Student IN poster competition Hemispheric asymmetries in the global aurora and IMF Bx
SOLA-06 Venkataramani, Karthik, Student IN poster competition Radiative cooling of the Thermosphere by infrared emissions from Nitric Oxide
SOLA-07 Yonker, Justin David, Non-student Amplification of NO Production Rate in the Lower Thermosphere due to Catalysis of O2+