2016 Workshop:HAARP and CEDAR

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HAARP Application to CEDAR Science

Location, Date/Time and Duration

2 hours

Conveners (First is primary convener and the rest are co-conveners)

William Bristow
David Hysell

Format of the Workshop

Short Presentations

Estimated attendance


Workshop Categories

Altitudes: IT - Latitudes: polar - Inst/Model: radar - Other: ionospheric Modification

Justification for the workshop

The HAARP ionospheric heating facility and observatory has great potential for investigation of the upper atmosphere. The challenge's it can address range from understanding basic ionospheric plasma physics, to determining properties of plasma-neutral coupling, to understanding magnetospheric wave-particle interactions.

Requested Specific Days


Special technology requests


This workshop is intended to continue progress in defining a science plan for the HAARP facility now that it is under control of the CEDAR community. It will be a continuation of work started at last year's CEDAR meeting and in a workshop held in May of this year. In addition to defining science for the heating facility, options for establishing an ISR at the site will be discussed.

Workshop Summary

This is where the final summary workshop report will be.

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