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[mailto:katrina.bossert@gmail.com katrina bossert]   
[mailto:katrina.bossert@gmail.com katrina bossert]   
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    Meeting ID: 976 0506 4447
    Password: 420030
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    Password: 420030

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Susan Nossal
Julio Urbina
McArthur Jones, Jr.
Asti Bhatt
katrina bossert


People of Color and their talents and ideas are underrepresented in the geosciences (https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/voices/the-geosciences-community-needs-to-be-more-diverse-and-inclusive/), including in the CEDAR community. Systemic racism reduces educational and scientific opportunities for communities of color. This workshop is intended to provide a forum for discussion and sharing of lessons learned, best practices, and policy recommendations for how the CEDAR community can broaden participation and inclusion; create a welcoming learning and working environment; and reduce conscious and unconscious bias. There is much that can be done on an individual, institutional, and systemic level to be effective forces of change for the CEDAR and wider STEM communities. This moment in history underscores the critical need for transformation in all areas of our society to make for a more equitable and just world.


Friday, June 26, 11 am MDT

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