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(Presentation Resources)
(Presentation Resources)
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Links to the presentations:
Links to the presentations:
[http://cedarweb.vsp.ucar.edu/wiki/images/c/c5/DANDENAULT_-_WINDS_AND_ESF.pptx DANDENAULT_-_WINDS_AND_ESF.pptx]
[http://cedarweb.vsp.ucar.edu/wiki/images/c/c5/DANDENAULT_-_WINDS_AND_ESF.pptx DANDENAULT_-_WINDS_AND_ESF.pptx]
[http://cedarweb.vsp.ucar.edu/wiki/images/a/a1/KAEPPLER_-_PFISR_NeutralWinds.pdf  KAEPPLER_-_PFISR_NeutralWinds.pdf]
[http://www.mentatzero.net/share/HARDING%20-%20Harding_MIGHTI.pptx  HARDING_-_Harding_MIGHTI.pptx]

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The purpose of this 2-year workshop series, which started at CEDAR 2019, is to bring together various experimental and modeling stakeholders interested in advancing our understanding of thermospheric winds and their variability. To wit, we seek to perform a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis on our current understanding of thermospheric winds. Such an analysis requires 1) a review of our current understanding of thermospheric winds, 2) the identification of needed measurements, 3) identification of unanswered problems, and 4) assessment of closure in the next 10-years. The workshops will be organized to produce a community-accessible traceability matrix associated with this SWOT analysis.

1. Patrick Dandenault (JHU/APL)
2. Brian Harding (SSL/Berkeley)
3. Steve Kaeppler (Clemson U)
4. Sovit Khadka (NJIT)


Talk #. (length) Presenter, Org - Title

1. (10) Brian Harding, Berkeley/SSL - 'Winds from the ICON/MIGHTI instrument.'

2. (10) Liv Toonen, KNMI/The Netherlands - 'Analysis of lower thermosphere in-situ wind data as part of the phase 0 definition studies for Daedalus.'

3. (10) Aaron Ridley, U of Michican - 'The control of dayside high-latitude thermospheric winds.'

4. (20) Bob Sica, U of West Ontario - 'Thermospheric Dynamics: Past informs present.'

5. (10) Sovit Khadka, NJIT - 'Equatorial Thermospheric Wind Profiles from the SOFDI Instrument.'

6. (10) Jonathan Krall, NRL - 'The application of midnight temperature maximum wind data to ESF prediction.'

7. (10) Steve Kaeppler, Clemson U - 'E-region Neutral winds and Joule Heating derived from PFISR for 2010-2019.'

8. (10) Yue Deng, U of Texas /Arlington - 'Comparison of vertical wind estimation from different methods'

9. (10) Bob Kerr, CPI - 'F-region Winds for Space Weather Operational Forecasts'

10. (10, iff there is time) Patrick Dandenault, JHU/APL - 'The relationship between neutral winds and bubbles/ESF/Scintillation.'

Total: 110 minutes / 120 minutes total

How to participate in the session

The connection information will be sent to all registered CEDAR participants via email.

Workshop Summary

This is where the final summary workshop report will be.

Presentation Resources

Upload presentation and link to it here. Links to other resources.

Upload Files Here

Links to the presentations: