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From the CSSC Chair

The CSSC welcomes you to the first all wiki-based CEDAR Post. In the past the CEDAR Post has been issued by hardcopy through the mail using the CEDAR mailing list. Printing and distribution of the issue has become expensive and, in light of the general movement to a more electronic CEDAR format as experienced at the June 2007 workshop, it seems appropriate to move the CEDAR Post in this direction. This issue will not be produced in hardcopy form. Feedback on making this move to the electronic format for the CEDAR Post is welcome. The wiki format allows for rapid dissemination of information through a relatively easy web-based interface. It also promotes “open editing” where content can be created freely and edited by others. The wiki format has grown significantly in popularity and can be an extremely valuable asset for our community in providing easy and rapid access to CEDAR materials. By creating the CEDAR Post as a wiki, the articles and material created are easily accessible via the CEDAR wiki pages while also being identified to a specific issue of the Post where other related materials are linked. As an “open editing” resource, material on the CEDAR wiki should be considered good for background material and a starting point for research. We’ll save the hard science for the peer-reviewed journals.

Enjoy this Winter 2007 Issue of the CEDAR Post


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We look forward to seeing you June 16-21, 2008 at the

CEDAR Workshop in
Midway, Utah!

Jeff Thayer
University of Colorado