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From ruth at Tue Aug 3 13:36:51 2010 From: ruth at (Ruth Lieberman) Date: Tue, 03 Aug 2010 13:36:51 -0600 Subject: CEDAR email: Notice of Fall AGU special session Message-ID: <>

    SA06. Connections Between the Lower and Upper Atmosphere and
    Abstract submission site opened on 21 July 2010.
    Deadline for submission is 2 September 2010.

     Ample observational evidence has recently emerged revealing close
  connections between dynamical processes in the lower atmosphere and
  temporal and spatial variability in the thermosphere and ionosphere.
  Examples include observations of persistent four- or three-peak
  longitudinal structures in electric fields and plasma and neutral
  densities, or drastic changes in the equatorial ionospheric anomaly
  correlated with sudden stratospheric warmings. While mechanisms of
  such connections are still under investigation, global planetary and
  tidal waves, smaller-scale gravity waves, and their nonlinear
  interactions appear to play a prominent role. Correlative data
  analysis and modeling studies are solicited. Contributions
  offering insights into physical mechanisms of the teleconnections 


  terrestrial and space weather are of particular interest.

-- Ruth Lieberman Senior Research Scientist

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