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This is a generic mailing to the CEDAR community sent 03 Dec 2010. Meetings and jobs are listed at under 'Community' as 'Calendar of Meetings' and 'CEDAR related opportunities'. CEDAR email messages are under 'Community' as 'CEDAR email Newsletters'. All are in 'Quick Links' on the main page.

(1) Appeal for immediate support for the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. From Katya Georgieva (kgeorg at Please support us by signing the petition at

(2) DVDS ($25 each) of CEDAR Workshop and its 25th Celebration available and on-line. From Barbara Emery ( See also

(1) Appeal for immediate support for the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

From Katya Georgieva (kgeorg at

Dear colleagues,

The future of the biggest scientific center in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, is endangered. After the last parliamentary elections in 2009, the new administration announced their intention to close the Academy. Its budget in 2010 and the proposed budget for 2011 are drastically cut and now money is not enough even for the already miserable salaries of the scientists. Various projects for legislative changes are being advertised, all reducing to scattering the academic institutes among universities and/or ministries with their eventual subsequent closing. Many scientists, especially young ones, have already been forced to leave the Academy or are planning to leave it looking for better and more reliable means to make a living. Similar is the situation in many universities, especially in Sofia University, the leading educational center in Bulgaria, so the attack is not only against the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences but against science in Bulgaria in general.

We the Bulgarian scientists have been protesting for months against the destruction of science in Bulgaria. Now it is critical for us to get international support because next week both the new law for the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and the budget for 2011 will be voted in the Parliament.

Please support us by signing the petition at


Katya Georgieva, Space and Solar-Terrestrial Research Institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

(2) DVDS ($25 each) of CEDAR Workshop and its 25th Celebration available and on-line.

From Barbara Emery (

The web .pdf files and DVDs of the CEDAR Workshop plenary talks and science highlights, the 25th anniversary celebration, and talks from the WACCM (Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model) and the CEDAR Mini LIDAR School are available. There are 5 DVDs with 11.5 hours. Tutorial, Keynote, Prize, and Distinguished lecturers receive complimentary copies of these DVDs each year. The set of 5 DVDs is $100, while separate DVDs are $25 each. Several groups have ordered these DVDs each CEDAR Workshop, and copies of DVDs or VHS tapes are available from Brian Day (brian at back to 1987.

All available .pdf files of talks are linked at the 2010 Workshop site at via the agenda, individual workshop pages, or under the 25th anniversary section. In addition, all the DVD talks are linked at In addition to the .pdf files, for the first time ever, on-line video .mpeg version 4 (.mp4) files are also linked at this site for most of the talks. We hope to obtain releases for all the talks soon to make all the .mp4 links active to be read with QuickTime Player or something similar.

We realize that with free internet access to the on-line videos, many institutions will not be interested in buying the DVDs. However, DVDs are still useful in some circumstances such as low bandwidth, low memory, and when the professor needs a lecture for their class while he/she is on travel. The DVDs for the 2010 CEDAR Workshop cover:

  1. DVD 1 of 5 (60+23+30=113 min)
  • 25th anniversary celebration (62 min plus 23 min of photos over 25 years)
  • Memorial Talks (15 min each or 30 min total) on Henry Rishbeth and Bill Gordon
  1. DVD 2 of 5 (61+70+28=159 min)
  • CEDAR Distinguished Lecture #1 by Ray Roble (61 min)
  • WACCM Workshop Talks by Brian Kauffman (70 min) and Michael Mills (28 min)
  1. DVD 3 of 5 (55+67=122 min)
  • Student Keynote Lecture #1 by Dave Hysell (55 min)
  • Student Keynote Lecture #2 by Odile de la Beaujardière (67 min)
  1. DVD 4 of 5 (45+53+81=179 min)
  • CEDAR Prize Lecture #21 by Paul Bernhardt (45 min)
  • CEDAR Tutorial by Edwin Mierkiewicz (53 min)
  • Science Highlight Talks (18+24+17+22=81 min) by Phil Erickson (18 min), JaSoon Shim (24 min), Liying Qian (17 min), and Joshua Semeter (22 min)
  1. DVD 5 of 5 (CEDAR Mini LIDAR School 6+35+32+24+23=120 min)
  • Introduction (6 min) and talks by Xinzhao Chu (35 min), Joe She (32 min), Andy Gerrard (24 min), and Shikha Raizada (23 min)

To purchase 1 DVD ($25 each) or more for 2010 ($100 for set of 5) or previous years, please contact Brian Day (brian at at
Daylight Productions and Rentals
4700 Sterling Drive, Suite I
Boulder, CO 80301
phone: (303) 440-3334
FAX: (303) 442-8180

Brian can make PAL versions of the DVDs as well as NTSC versions.