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Subject: IES2011 Call for Papers: Abstract deadline is December 01, 2010 From: "John Goodman" <> Date: Fri, November 5, 2010 6:23 pm


Current Abstract Deadline: December 1, 2010:

Monitor Website for any changes:

13th International Ionospheric Effects Symposium


"Bridging the gap between applications and research involving ionospheric & space weather disciplines"

- A triennial symposium inaugurated in 1975 -

© City of Alexandria, 2004-2010. Image used by permission.

Dear IES Friends and Colleagues:

      IES2011 is scheduled for May 17-19, 2011 in Alexandria, Virginia, an

historic town near Washington DC. Ionospheric Effects Symposia have been held in Alexandria since 1975, and IES2011 is the thirteenth in the series. Please visit the symposium web site for details ( IES2011 offers an opportunity for scientists, engineers, and program managers to review current activities and solutions to system impacts of ionospheric phenomena and space weather events. Current sponsors include the Office of Naval Research and URSI. There are numerous Federal agency affiliates.

       You are cordially invited to submit a paper abstract/title to the

organizers of IES2011, intended for Oral presentation and/or Poster presentation at the symposium. Paper submission and early registration forms are available from the site. The current deadline for receipt of abstracts is December 01, 2010. Please monitor the web site for any deadline changes.

The following are some sample topics:

 a.. Space-Weather and ionospheric effects on telecommunication and

satellite systems

 b.. Current solar cycle phenomena and impact on operational systems
 c.. Modeling, forecasting, and prediction systems
 d.. Ionospheric sounder methods and measurements
 e.. Multi-Sensor contributions to the solution of Space-Weather effects on

ionospherically-dependent systems

 f.. Applications of ionospheric tomography
 g.. Transionospheric effects, including scintillation
 h.. Ionospheric effects on WAAS and other systems supporting aviation
 i.. High Frequency communication and surveillance systems
 j.. Longwave propagation systems and effects
 k.. Global Positioning System and total electron content studies
 l.. Impact of the lower atmosphere on the Ionosphere
 m.. Contribution of the IHY to the understanding of the ionosphere at all


 n.. Impact of global electrodynamics on the storm-time ionosphere
 o.. Results derived from COST-ACTION programs
 p.. Impact of solar noise bursts and environmental noise on

telecommunication and navigation systems

 q.. Space-Weather program activities having relevance to ionospheric

effects on C3I and navigation systems

 r.. Products and services offered by industry relevant to prediction &

forecasting of ionospheric effects

 s.. Government projects associated with the forecasting and/or mitigation

of deleterious effects on national and/or military systems

 t.. Studies of documented system impacts during major geomagnetic storms

and other solar-generated events

 u.. New Applications & Products for Display and Analysis of Ionospheric

and Space-Weather Data

 v.. C/NOFS Science and Applications

There are a number of special sessions planned. They follow:

o Special Session on Navigation convened by Patricia Doherty (Boston College)

o Special Session on Lower Atmospheric Forcing of Electrodynamics and the Ionosphere, convened by Dr. Tim Fuller-Rowell (NOAA-SWPC) and Larisa Goncharenko

o Special Session on Ionospheric and Space Weather Effects on Telecommunications and Navigation Systems, convened by Dr. Giorgiana De Franceschi (INGV, Rome, Italy) and Dr. Iwona Stanislawska

o Special Session on Ionospheric sounder methods and measurements: convened by Prof. Bodo Reinisch, UML

o Special Session on Ionospheric irregularities - science and systems, convened by Prof. Paul Cannon, QinetiQ

o Special Session: Opinion Forum on Issues Facing Ionospheric & Space Weather Communities, convened by Dr. J.M Goodman, RPSI

o Special Session: The Impact of Rocket Exhaust and High Power Radio Waves on the Ionosphere, convened by Dr. Paul Bernhardt, NRL

o Special Session: C/NOFS program, recommended by Dr. David Anderson (University of Colorado): Conveners are: Dr. Keith Groves (AFRL) and Dr. Odile de la Beaujardiere (AFRL)

o Special Session on HF Communication and related Systems: Convener: Dr. Leo McNamara (AFRL); pending

o Special Session: Radar Diagnostics of the Ionosphere including Low Frequency Arrays, convened by Dr. Anthea Coster (MIT-Haystack); Pending

We look forward to seeing you at IES2011. Plan early. We appreciate your early abstract submissions and registration.


John M. Goodman

Chairman, IES2011

President, JMG Associates

Symposium Managers

+1-703-360-0677 (phone)

+1-703-360-3954 (Fax)

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