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From: Roman Makarevich <r.makarevich at> on 16 July 2012.

JOB OPENING: PhD Position in Space Physics at the University of Alaska Fairbanks

From: Roman Makarevich <r.makarevich at>

The Space Physics Group at the Department of Physics and Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) has a funded PhD position available. This position is available immediately and it will remain open until it is filled. The student's research will be undertaken under the supervision of Dr. Roman Makarevich. The project will investigate the Aurora and auroral phenomena, focusing on plasma irregularities in the ionospheric E region using radio techniques, particularly with coherent High Frequency radars in Antarctica within the Super Dual Auroral Radar Network (SuperDARN).

Information on the Department of Physics at UAF can be found on its webpage: Information about the Space Physics Group and Geophysical Institute at UAF can be found here: Information about the Aurora and auroral activity in Alaska can be found here Information about the SuperDARN project can be found here: or

QUALIFICATIONS: Candidates should have received a master's degree in physics, or equivalent, at the start of the PhD project. A candidate is sought with good background in space physics and with experience in geophysical data analysis. The ideal candidate would be proficient in IDL, Fortran or Matlab and also have experience in ionospheric physics and radar data analysis.

APPROVAL and ENROLMENT: The study will be under the University of Alaska Fairbanks PhD Space Physics program, and the admittance to this program is subject to academic approval. For information about the requirements for enrolment and the general planning of PhD study at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, see

FUNDING and SCHOLARSHIP: The successful PhD student will be awarded a Research Assistantship and a stipend covering 3 years of PhD study. The PhD candidate will be also given an opportunity for a Teaching Assistantship for 1 year.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Candidates should initially contact Dr. Roman Makarevich to express interest and apply for the position. The student who is selected for the position will then go through the normal enrolment process for PhD study at UAF. Applicants will need full CV and academic transcript demonstrating that their existing record meets the requirements of the PhD program and this research project. If English is not your native language, results of a standard English test are also required.

FURTHER INFORMATION on the project: Dr. Roman Makarevich, r.makarevich at,

Dr Roman Makarevich Associate Professor of Physics Geophysical Institute UAF 903 Koyukuk Drive, PO Box 757320 Fairbanks AK 99775-7320

Phone: +1-907-474-7075 Email:

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