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Form S Gurubaran (gurubara at on 20 March 2012.

Dear colleagues,

This is to invite your recent and significant scientific contribution to a special issue of Indian Journal of Radio and Space Physics on Middle Atmospheric Dynamics and Coupling. Please find below the information on the proposed special IJRSP issue and Call for Papers.

Best regards,

S Gurubaran, Indian Institute of Geomagnetism, India S K Dhaka, Rajdhani College, New Delhi, India

Call for Papers - IJRSP Special Issue

Middle Atmospheric Dynamics and Coupling in the Tropics

The middle atmosphere is traditionally considered to extend from the tropopause (~15 km in the tropics) to the mesopause (~100 km). Tropical regions are characterized by intense convection that is known to generate a spectrum of atmospheric gravity waves. The tropical tropopause region is highly variable and controls the transport of minor constituents like water vapor and ozone. The latitudinal variation of the Coriolis frequency at low latitudes is such that certain long-period (of a few days) eastward propagating waves are trapped in the middle atmospheric region there. Tides and planetary waves along with these equatorially trapped waves play an important role in the momentum budget of the middle atmosphere. The short-period gravity waves also carry significant energy and momentum and are able to propagate to great heights into the upper atmosphere.

There has been considerable interest in a number of topics of relevance to middle atmospheric dynamics and coupling at low latitudes in recent years and significant advances have been made in some of these topics. To consolidate those studies, we are proposing a special issue of Indian Journal of Radio & Space Physics (IJRSP). Papers dealing with observations, theory and modeling of the topics listed below are solicited for the special issue.

Topics of interest to the special issue Stratosphere-Troposphere exchange processes: role of tropopause dynamics and temperatures - dynamical effects on transport of minor constituents like water vapor, ozone, etc. Role of clouds and deep tropical convection in the generation of mesoscale waves, planetary waves and locally generated gravity waves Mechanisms for the generation of middle atmospheric gravity waves Oscillations in middle atmospheric winds with different periods including QBO and their effects on planetary wave propagation in the mesosphere-lower thermosphere (MLT) region, the tropical easterly jet, Indian monsoon and El Nino phenomenon Equatorial waves in the Indian tropical middle atmosphere - generation and propagation characteristics - contribution to QBO and SAO momentum budgets Linkage between tropical cyclone over Indian seas and stratospheric and mesospheric temperatures - do the middle atmospheric temperatures have the forecasting potential to predict cyclones? Stratwarm events, their associated circulation changes and their effects on energetics of the tropical lower and middle atmosphere Gravity wave activity at mesopause heights: spatial and temporal variabilities Dynamical links of MLT region to the tropical tropospheric variability Non-migrating tides: generation and characteristicsImportant Notes

- Deadline for manuscript submission - 1 June 2012 - Expected publication date - December 2012 - No page charges, no color charges and no other publication charges

Please submit your manuscript by e-mail attachment to one of the Guest Editors, S Gurubaran (; or S K Dhaka (

Manuscripts will be reviewed following the review process of the journal. Published papers can be accessed freely from

For details of manuscript preparation, please see 'Instructions to Authors' at (bottom of the site).

References to the literature are numbered consecutively, in the order of their first occurrence and are indicated by superscript. Full details of all references are listed in serial order in the Reference section following the style below.

Journal Paper [1] Jayachandran B, Balachandran R N, Balan N & Rao P B, Short term variability of the ionospheric electron content and peak electron density during solar cycles for a low latitude station, J Atmos Solar-Terr Phys (UK), 52 (1995), pp 1599-1605.

Book [2] Smylei D E, Clarke G K C & Ulrych J J, Methods in Computational Physics (Academic Press), New York (1973), 391.

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