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From Narayan Chapagain (npchapagain at on 23 June 2012.

Dear colleagues,

We would like to bring to your attention the upcoming CEDAR workshop titled "Thermosphere-ionosphere coupling and the development of irregularities" and encourage your participation. A workshop agenda is given below:

June 26, Tuesday (1:30-3:30 PM) - Anasazi N

Presenting Authors/Title of presentations:

1 Dr. Mike. C. Kelley: Thunderstorm generation of gravity waves which reach the thermosphere and seed long wavelength.

2 Dr. J. D. Huba: Gravity wave seeding of ESF Bubbles.

3 Dr. Dave. Hysell: Intermediate- and small-scale structure in irregular midlatitude sporadic E layers due to neutral and plasma instability.

4 Dr. Yakov Dimant: Modeling small-scale plasma density irregularities associated with equatorial spread F.

5 Mr. Henrique Aveiro: 3-D numerical simulations of equatorial spread F.

6 Dr. Fabio Vargas: Observations of EPBs in Greenline nightglow images from Andes Liadar Observatory

June 29, Friday (10:00-12:00 PM) – Zia

Presenting Authors/Title of presentations:

1 Dr. John Meriwether: The comparison of ionosonde results with simultaneous FPI measurements of winds and temperatures.

2 Dr. Ethan. Miller: Topside Signature of Medium-Scale Wave

3 Dr. Narayan Chapagain: Comparison of zonal neutral winds with EPBs and plasma drifts velocities.

4 Dr. Robert F. Pfaff: Update on C/NOFS observations of Ionospheric Irregularities During Periods of Increased Solar Activity.

5 Dr. Guiping Liu: Periodic variability of the atmosphere and ionosphere: planetary wave impacts on scintillations.

6 Capt. Melanie Huffman: Planning to build an equatorial VHF coherent backscatter radar in the African sector.


  • Dr. Narayan P. Chapagain, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL,
  • Dr. Jonathan J. Makela, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL
  • Dr. John W. Meriwether, Clemson University, SC,

Description: Knowledge of the coupling between the thermosphere and ionosphere (TI) associated with the F-region dynamo is important for understanding the dynamics and the structure of the low-latitude F-region ionosphere and thermosphere. Several ongoing ground and space based experiments providing observations of the TI at low-latitudes provide a new opportunity to study the coupling between the neutral atmosphere and the ionosphere and how these interactions can lead to the development of irregularities. This workshop solicits contributions to address the most recent experimental results from both ground- and space-based observations. Also of interest would be contributions describing simulation and modeling results related to such TI coupling. Papers describing the development of ionospheric irregularities as well as effects caused by the coupling between the ionosphere and neutral atmosphere would certainly be welcomed.

Best regards, Dr. Narayan Chapagain University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Urbana IL 61801

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