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This is a generic mailing to the CEDAR community sent 31 July 2014. Meetings and jobs are listed at under 'Community' as 'Calendar of Meetings' and 'CEDAR related opportunities'. CEDAR email messages are under 'Community' as 'CEDAR email Newsletters'. All are in 'Quick Links' on the main page.

(1) 2014 CEDAR Workshop talks on-line along with summary and pictures.

From Barbara Emery (emery at, barbara.emerygeiger at

The CEDAR Workshop plenary Tutorials, Prize Lecture, Distinguished Lecture, and Science Highlights have been video-taped for years. There were two Grand Challenge tutorials and two science highlights in 2014 listed in the agenda at where .pdf files of the talks are linked along with .mp4 videos of these and the Prize and Distinguished Lectures.

The six talks cover just over 4 hours of time, and are also available as a set of 2 DVDs as described in for $55 a set or $30/DVD from Brian Day (brian at

A summary of the meeting is also available on the main 2014 Workshop page at along with 44 pictures from the meeting.

Poster presenters are encouraged to upload .pdfs of their posters for archive with links to the IT and MLT poster lists with .pdfs. Similarly, those who presented at workshops are encouraged to upload .pdfs of their talks by linking to various individual workshop pages. Link instructions are under the left hand menu 'wiki links'/'help'/'how to upload a file and link to it' with the Meriwether example at the very end.

The 2015 CEDAR Workshop will be held at the University of Washington, but posters will be in Kane Hall as 2 separate smaller poster sessions, instead of one large poster location at Haggett Hall.