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These are geospace software packages created by and used by the greater CEDAR community. If you need help or have questions about sharing your geospace software for this list, contact Michael Hirsch




  • 3-D FDTD raytracing model, simultaneously simulating all frequencies (contact Bob Marshall)
  • AMGeO: tool for implementing data assimilation analysis within the Assimilative Mapping of Ionospheric Electrodynamics (AMIE)
  • Analysator: an analysis tool for Vlasiator, a 6D Vlasov theory-based simulation for near-Earth plasma processes
  • GEMINI-3D: time-dependent physics-based high-resolution ionosphere model (contact Matt Zettergren)
  • GLOW: Global airglow and auroral model
  • Lowtran: model atmospheric absorption, transmission, radiance, scattering from LWIR to EUV
  • OvationPyme: Python version of OVATION Prime 2010
  • pyAMPS: A Python interface for the Average Magnetic field and Polar current System (AMPS) model
  • pyForecastTools: A Python package providing implementations of a wide variety of metrics for model validation and forecast verification
  • PyGlow: IRI, MSIS, HWM, IGRF in Python
  • SAMI2: a first-principles, low-to mid-latitude ionosphere model

Data Analysis and File Utilities

Coordinate Utilities

  • AACGM-v2: Altitude Adjusted Corrected Geomagnetic Coordinates (C, IDL, Python)
  • apexpy: a Python interface for Apex and Quasi-dipole coordinates
  • OCBpy: A Python module that grids data in AACGM coordinates relative to the open-closed field line boundary (OCB)
  • pyMap3D: Coordinate conversion between many types of 3-D coordinate systems
  • OMMBV: a Python module that calculates unit vectors in magnetic field-aligned, meridional, and zonal directions
  • Tsyganenko: a Python wrapper for the Tsyganenko model for tracing magnetospheric field lines



Instrument Simulation

Computational Reproducibility