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CEDAR Instruments

Boston University Imager (off-site or video tapes)

The following are available:

Satellite Data

  • Particle flux data

Geophysical Indices

Large Model Output

Incoherent Scatter Radar

Ionospheric Doppler Radars


Optical Instruments

South Pole (OH)] Michelson

Daytona Beach (OH)] Michelson

Stockholm (OH)] Michelson

Sondre Stromfjod (OH)] Michelson

Resolute Bay (OH)] Michelson

Eureka (OH)] Michelson

  • Spectrometers

Davis (OH)] Spectrometer

Wuppertal (OH)] Spectrometer

Middle Atmosphere Radars


  • Theoretical Models
  • Empirical Models
    • APEX
    • CHIU
    • E FIELD
    • HMR
    • HPI
    • HWM
    • IRI
    • IZMEM
    • MAGFLD
    • MH
    • MSIS
    • WEIMER


  • LTCS-1 to 22 Campaigns (1987-2000) and future
  • Other AMIE Campaigns

-- Revised 29 May 2006 by Barbara Emery