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Smooth functioning of the Database requires that there be clear agreements among the parties involved in acquiring, handling, and using the data. The scientists who submit data have invested considerable time, effort, and expertise in collecting and processing the data for submission to the Data Base. Despite this effort, there are still uncertainties and limitations of the data, making it important for the user to contact the data suppliers early on in a project. The suppliers will help the user understand the characteristics and limitations of the data, and may even be willing to collaborate in prospective studies. It is important that these efforts receive appropriate acknowledgment by users of the data. In addition, the Database needs to maintain records to evaluate how it is being used. The following 'Rules of the Road' have been agreed upon to satisfy these needs and to clarify the responsibilities of users.

1. The prospective user must submit an access form from the Data Services/Access menu to obtain access to the Database. Access forms must be updated periodically.

2. Data obtained from the Database are to be shared only with other users who have an up-to-date access form on file with NCAR.

3. The user is required to establish early contact with the organization(s) whose data are involved in the project to discuss the intended usage, in the light of possible data limitations.

4. Before they are formally submitted, draft copies of all reports and publications must be sent to the contact scientist at the data-supplying organization(s) along with an offer of co-authorship to scientists who have provided data. This offer may be declined.

5. The Database and the organizations that contributed data must be acknowledged in all reports and publications.

6. Copies of reports and papers or a proper reference to them are to be sent to the Database so that the Bibliography of Database Acknowledgements can be kept up to date.

Users will be reminded periodically of their obligations to follow the Rules of the Road.

The Rules of the Road for models and indices are somewhat relaxed from the above. All models should be referenced and if the model or outputs are taken from the CEDAR Database, the Database should be acknowledged. Users of the AMIE, CTIM/CTIP, FLIP, GLOW and TIGCM/TIEGCM/TIMEGCM models must offer co-authorship and generally work closely with the modellers. Most geophysical indices do not require acknowledgement of either the CEDAR Database or any contact person. Exceptions to this are estimates of the hemispheric power, the midnight equatorward auroral boundary and the polar cap indices, which should be treated like models. That is, references should be given and the CEDAR Database should be acknowledged if the values are taken from the Database. In addition, the contacts for these indices usually require a complimentary copy of the publication.