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High Frequency Radars

The Super Dual Auroral Radar Network (SuperDARN) consists of three pairs of ionospheric radars in the northern hemisphere and four radars located in Antarctica, and several in planning or construction phases. Most of the HF radars have some line-of-sight velocity data in the CEDAR Data Base which are the result of requests for AMIE campaign data. All have summary plots for many more days at their own web sites which are accessible from their CEDAR Data Base web pages.

  • HHF = Halley, Antarctica (1988-present)
  • SAN = SANAE, Antarctica (1997-present)
  • SYF = Syowa-south, Antarctica (1995-present)
  • SYE = Syowa-east, Antarctica (1997-present)
  • KHF = Kapuskasing, Canada (1993-present)
  • SHF = Saskatoon, Canada (1993-present)
  • GBF = Goose Bay, Canada (1983-present)
  • FHF = Hankasalmi, Finland (1995-present)
  • WHF = Stokkseyri, Iceland (1994-present)
  • EHF = Pykkvibaer, Iceland (1995-present)

Daily Listing for HF/IS Radars

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