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College Fabry-Perot


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Instrument/Model Description

The College, Alaska Fabry-Perot interferometer was located on the roof of the Geophysical Institute in the years reported here (1981-1983). This is at 64.7N and 148.1W in geographic coordinates, where the corrected geomagnetic coordinates are 64.9N and 100.3W. This is relatively close to the Chatanika incoherent scatter radar site at 65.1N and 147.4W, which operated between 1971 and 1982. The IGRF model gives a magnetic declination angle of about 25 degrees and inclination angle of 76 degrees for the measurement period. However, the measurements were made relative to the magnetic field direction where the declination was assumed to be 30 degrees. This is not significantly different from the true declination, so the derived horizontal results are reported as being in the magnetic directions. The measurements are all at 630.0 nm. All nights included are clear, or had cloudy periods removed.

The zenith measurements are assumed to be on average zero throughout the night. All other measurements were taken in directions relative to the magnetic E, N, W and S directions at elevations angles between 20 and 45 degrees, and were converted to horizontal directions assuming an emission layer centered at 225 km.

The intensities are relative, (Code 2505) but are approximately within 25% of the true intensities in Rayleighs.

Summary plots of the relative emission, neutral temeprature and vertical wind are plotted with error bars for the vertical look direction. For look directions in opposite magnetic directions, horizontal winds are plotted without error bars.

References for the instrument and data processing procedures

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Summary Plots for College Fabry-Perot in OI (6300 A)

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