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MU IS Radar Drift Measurements


Contact Persons


  • The MU radar belongs and is operated by the Radio Atmospheric Science Center of Kyoto University.

Instrument/Model Description

The Incoherent Scatter routine measurement with the MU (Middle and Upper atmosphere) radar (34.8N, 136.1E) uses 4 beam directions simultaneously, with the first 15 minutes of each hour devoted to single-pulse measurements (for electron density), and the last 45 minutes devoted to two-pulse (for ion drift velocity) or four-pulse (for ion/electron temperature) measurements. The radar operates at a frequency of 46.5 MHz and uses a beam width of 3.7 degrees. Measurements have been taken about 2 days per month starting on September 17, 1986.

The 4 beams are at an elevation angle of 70 degrees pointing towards magnetic north, east, south and west, assuming a declination angle of -5 degrees. The inclination angle is about 48 degrees, and the corrected magneitc latitude of the MU radar is about 25 degrees.

The initial range resolution of the velocities is 38 km. Velocities are averaged between 220 and 455 km, where the altitude of the measurement is defined to be 338, the midpoint of the 235 km range. A running 3-hour average of the ACF is computed as well as the height average before the line of sight (los) ion drift velocity is computed, so there are no error bars. The UT time is the midpoint of the 45 minutes of the middle hour.

Summary plots of the ion drifts in the perpendicular east, north and parallel directions are plotted in 4 separate 2-day plots per page. The data for 1986-1995 were submitted by Tomoyuki Takami, and revised data in 2004 (not yet in the DB) by Seiji Kawamura (


References for the instrument and data processing procedures are:

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Summary Plots for MU IS Radar Ion Drifts

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