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== Contact Information ==
== Contact Information ==
You may reach me by [mailto:ashton.reimer@usask.ca UofS] or [mailto:ashton.reimer@sri.com SRI].
You may reach me by [mailto:ashton.reimer@usask.ca UofS] or [mailto:ashton.reimer@sri.com SRI].
[https://twitter.com/ashtonreimer Twitter]

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Ashton Reimer


Ashton Reimer atop Trollstein


  • Research Engineer at SRI International. Responsible for processing AMISR data. Email me for custom processing requests and data access: ashton.reimer@sri.com
  • PhD thesis at the Institute for Space and Atmospheric Research at the University of Saskatchewan with Dr. Glenn Hussey.
  • Produced an improved fitting methodology for data from the Super Dual Auroral Radar Network (SuperDARN). The software is called LMFIT2 and is available on github here.

Research Interests

  • Ionospheric radio-physics
  • Remote sensing techniques
  • Radar signal processing
  • Geo-space environment

Broader Interests

  • Aerospace Engineering and Robotics
  • Planetology and Astronomy
  • Weather (terrestrial/space)
  • Gliding
  • HAM Radio


  • Photography
  • Programming
  • DIY/Fixing stuff

Contact Information

You may reach me by UofS or SRI.