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Privacy Policy for CEDAR Workshop Participants

Since the CEDARWEB site is hosted under the domain, the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) privacy policy also applies. This privacy policy is linked at the bottom of this and every web page. Users should be aware that private information from required fields in any forms filled in for CEDARWEB access to the CEDAR Database or the annual CEDAR Workshop are to ensure proper use of the information. Incomplete information will restrict the usefulness. Use and on-line access to this private information in terms of the participant forms for the annual CEDAR Workshops is described below.

Participant lists are made for every annual CEDAR Workshop that contain the participant's name, institution, institutional address, phone and fax, and email. Information is usually also given on whether or not the participant is a student. Student biographies are also made for every annual CEDAR Workshop with the student's name, email, adviser and their email, institution, graduation date, and interests. This 'private' information is kept on-line in the archives of the CEDAR Workshop.

  • 1987-1996, student names, institutions and advisers are listed.
  • 1997-2003, participant names and institutions are listed.
  • 1999-present, student biographies are available, mostly as .pdf files.
  • 2004-present, .pdf participant lists are available.

During the registration process, limited participant lists are also available with less information (name, institution, city, state, country). These limited participant lists are only available on-line around the year of the particular annual meeting. More complete .pdf participant lists are available in the archives from past meetings.

New email addresses from registration forms are added to the CEDAR email list which is maintained by Barbara Emery ( for community announcements on jobs, meetings and other matters approximately once a week. Participant information is added to the CEDAR Mail list. The CEDAR Mail list was used up to 2008 as the mailing list for the CEDAR Post newsletter, but is also on-line as a pdf file. The CEDAR email list contains names, institutions and emails is also an on-line pdf file for the community.

If CEDAR workshop participants or CEDAR community members DO NOT WANT such 'private' information listed about them, they must contact the CEDAR webmaster, Barbara Emery ( about what information they want deleted. We would LIKE to keep information on name and institution if possible.

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