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CEDAR Student Poster Prize Winners from the Annual CEDAR Workshops


There were 134 posters at the Tuesday and Thursday poster sessions, 15 more than last year. There were 82 student posters, 61 in the student poster competition. Prizes were a certificate and various cash prizes. Winners, and then others, could also choose from a selection of classic books, most donated by Alan Peterson of Whitworth College and by Barbara Emery of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). The judges picked first place winners ($125 each) from each session - Sarah Broadley (MLTS-03) of the University of Leeds in the UK, and Nicholas Pedatella (EQIT-13) of the University of Colorado; and honorable mentions ($75 each) - Kathrin Haeusler (COUP-06) of the GeoForschungsZentrum in Germany, who is visiting NCAR this summer, and Tzu-Wei Fang (EQIT-08) of NCAR and the National Central University in Taiwan. Three undergraduate prizes ($50 each) were given to Allen Kummer (MLTS-01) of the Pennsylvania State University, Jonathan Sparks (METR-03) of the University of Colorado, and Katherine Roach of the University of Maryland and the Naval Research Lab. The judges also liked posters by Amal Chandran (U CO), Loren Chang (U CO), Jonathan Fentzke (U CO), and Sean Harrell (CSU) from the first session, and posters by Patrick Alken (U CO), Akshay Malhotra (PSU), Brady O’Hanlon (Cornell), and Marcin Pilinski (U CO) in the second session.