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1983 (First) Ground-Based Optical Aeronomy (GBOA) Workshop

Monday-Wednesday 1-3 August 1983 planned by Lyle Broadfoot (U of Southern CA, AZ), Robert Eather (Boston College), Bill Hanson (UTD, TX), Paul Hays (U MI), Gonzalo Hernandez (NOAA, Boulder, CO), Bill Sharp (U MI), Doug Torr (USU), with Marsha Torr (USU and Shawna Johnson) with logistics. The outcome of this first workshop was a 1984 report compiled by Deehr, Romick, Broadfoot, and Hallinan called "Ground-Based Optical Aeronomy in the 1980's: A Workshop Report on the Present and Future Study of the Interaction between Solar Radiation and the Atmosphere".

Engineering Building, Utah State University, Logan, Utah

  • "Extracurricular"
    • 630PM Monday August 1, 1983 Cash Bar and Dinner at the Country Club
    • 500PM Tuesday August 2, 1983 leave for picnic in Logan Canyon