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The CEDAR Database was described in EOS by Bob Sica in January 1988, who was head of the CEDAR Data Base Committee.


1987 (Second) CEDAR Workshop

Monday-Thursday 29 June - 02 July 1987 in Boulder, CO, Combined with GISMOS in Breckenridge, CO June 26-28 (joint June 29)

Relevant CEDAR Post Issues

Global Ionospheric Simultaneous Measurement of Substorms (GISMOS, Friday-Monday June 26-29, Breckenridge, CO June 26-28, Monday June 29 with CEDAR in Boulder, CO

  • Fees
    • $40 GISMOS Registration Fee
    • $20 GISMOS guest banquet fee
  • "Extra-curricular"
    • Ice-Breaker 7PM Friday June 26
    • Banquet 730PM Saturday June 27

Coupling, Energetics, and Dynamics of Atmospheric Regions (CEDAR #2)

Mesa Lab, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO

  • "Extra-curricular"
    • mugs (67 sold for $5 or $3)
    • T-shirts (83 sold for $10 or $8)
    • Flagstaff Mountain barbecue ~6PM Tuesday June 30 (via bus at 530PM)
    • Cocktails (530-630PM) and Buffet Dinner (630-800PM) Wednesday July 1 at Mesa Lab Cafeteria, NCAR, Boulder, CO

2.1 CEDAR Symposium at the XIX General Assembly of IAGA August 9-22, 1987 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

This 1.5 day Symposium had 39 talks (12 invited) and 40 posters, which unfortunately overlapped in time. Six talks had to be cancelled because the authors could not attend (5 from the USSR). The symposium was well attended, and the talks were of good quality in general. The conveners were Hans Volland and John Meriwether.

Workshops in Saskatoon, Canada, Aug 23-26, 1987

These workshops from Sunday August 23 to Wednesday August 26, 1987, immediately followed the XIX IUGG Assembly in Vancouver, August 9-22. There was a banquet on Tuesday August 24 for $17 per person. The biennial Optical Calibration Workshop was directed by Hans Lauche of Max-Planck Institut fur Aeronomie, Lindau, Germany, who attended with a standard calibrated source and his photometer. The Auroral Dynamics Workshop was organized by Don McEwen of the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, who was the local organizer for both workshops.