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1992 CEDAR Workshop (#8)

1993, June 21-26 (Monday-Saturday), NIST auditorium, NIST Workshop rooms, NCAR Mesa Lab, and NCAR Foothills Lab, Boulder, Colorado

Copies of the 100 page 1993 CEDAR Data Base Catalog were given to all participants along with the agendas, workshop descriptions, poster list, participant list, and student biographies.

  • 1993 Poster Sessions (54 student and 18 non-student posters for 72 total posters - perhaps 2 missing):
    • (A) First Authors A-M at 4:30-6:30 PM Monday June 21 at NCAR Mesa Lab with a reception.
    • (B) First Authors M-Z at 10:00 AM - 12:15 PM Wednesday June 23 at NIST.
    • 1993 CEDAR Poster List
    • 1993 Student Poster prize winners:
  1. Best student poster in the A session by A-11 Monica Coakley of the University of Wisconsin won the poster prize book by J. Hargreaves on "The Solar-Terrestrial Environment" for her poster "Application of CCD Fabry-Perot Ring Imaging to Daysky Emission Line Measurements."
  2. Best student poster in the B session by B-25 Denise Thorsen of the University of Illinois won the poster prize book by Mike Kelley on "The Earth's Ionosphere, Plasma Physics and Electrodynamics" for her poster "Radar Observations of Mesospheric Mean Winds and Gravity Waves at Urbana."
  3. Honorable Mention went to A-33 Redgie Lancaster of Boston University on "Recent Observations of the 0(1) 8446 Angstrom Triplet Emission Over Millstone Hill" who also received a copy of Mike Kelley's book.
  • 1993 Extra-Curricular Activities
    • 430-630 PM Monday June 21, 1993 reception in the NCAR Mesa Lab Lobby along with Poster Session A
    • 69 attend the 705 PM Tuesday June 22, 1993 start time of the Colorado Rockies vs Cincinnati Reds extra fare baseball game. (Free buses from 511-616 PM leave Boulder bus terminal for the Denver Stadium.) The Cincinnati Reds won 16 to 13.
    • 600-830 PM Wednesday June 23, 1993 Italian dinner at NCAR Mesa Lab cafeteria
  • 1993 Fees
    • $70 registration fee including Monday Reception and Wednesday dinner (waived for tutorial speakers and students)
    • $85 late registration fee after May 31
    • $5 late registration fee for students (after May 31)
    • $15 for Wednesday June 23 guest dinner at NCAR
    • $20 registration fee for Saturday June 26 Data Analysis School only ($25 if after May 31)
    • 1993 CEDAR Workshop Receipt
  • An AGU Union Session for the Fall 1993 Meeting, U03 "CEDAR: Past, Present, and Future", was organized by Bob Robinson of NSF