2007 Workshop:Putting Your Degree to Work

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Putting your degree to work

In this workshop Peter Fiske will present a thorough and practical overview to the process of career planning and job hunting in today's job market, from the perspective of a young scientist. He will cover specific steps that young scientists can take to broaden their horizons, strengthen their skills, and present their best face to potential employers. An important part of this is the realization that most young scientists possess a range of valuable "transferable skills" that are highly sought after by employers in and out of science. He will also cover all the specifics of job hunting, including informational interviewing, building your network, developing a compelling CV and resume, cover letters, interviewing, and more. With each topic he will discuss the particular challenges and opportunities faced by those with an advanced degree in science. It is a workshop up-beat in tone and positive in outlook. Students and young scientists are encouraged to attend.

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Time and Location

Monday, 13:00 - 15:00 in Anasazi South

Presentation Materials

Images, power point, pdf

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